1-Click® Resume Guide

:mag_right: Overview

STEM-Away®’s 1-Click® Resume feature is your very own dynamic STEM portfolio. Your great work and skills done on the STEM-Away platform can easily be highlighted and shared to apply for internships and entry-level positions.

:gear: How to Setup Your Resume

The 1-Click® Resume has a variety of different sections to showcase a breadth of your skills and knowledge. You can use the resume to share information about yourself, as well as what skills and experience you have.

:bust_in_silhouette: About Information

Start by setting up your ‘about information’ to share general information about yourself. This information is fetched directly from your STEM-Away account’s profile information. To add or edit this navigate to:

Profile Icon (Top Right) > User Preferences > Preferences > Profile > About Me

Fill in your information here. This editor accepts markdown code, so feel free to fill it in the way in which you desire. Once completed, click the Save Changes. button at the bottom.

:adult: Profile Image

Your profile picture for your resume is the same image that is used on your STEM-Away® account. To add/edit that image navigate to:

Profile Icon (Top Right) > User Preferences > Preferences > Profile > Account

Under the Profile Picture heading click the :pencil2: edit button and upload an image of yourself.

:heavy_plus_sign: Adding topics to each resume section

There are seven sections where you can showcase your STEM-Away® topics to highlight what you’ve done and what skills you have. To allow a topic to appear underneath a section, you must include a specific tag in that topic as well as any additional tags that are suitable and of which you would like to be highlighted on your resume.

Tags displayed in a topic

:rosette: Virtual Internships

The Virtual Internships section is used to highlight projects or any other experiences you’ve gained specific to a virtual internship. To add topics in this section, include the tag resume_vi on your topic.

:triangular_ruler: Technical Skills

There are two sections to showcase topics demonstrating your technical skills. The first is to highlight your primary technical skills, while the second is to highlight your secondary skills. To add topics in these sections use the tags:

  • resume_tp for primary technical skills
  • resume_ts for secondary technical skills

:man_technologist: Programming Languages & Frameworks

For showcasing any topics specific to a programming language or framework that you’ve used use the tag resume_p on your topic.

:speech_balloon: Soft Skills

The soft skills section can be used to show topics demonstrating your workplace skills such as interpersonal skills, communication skills, and other similar skills. To add these to your resume use the tag resume_s on your topics.

:star: Highlights

The highlights section is for any other topics that highlight certain achievements you might have had. Use any of the following tags to add these topics in your resume:

  • patent
  • award
  • publication
  • achievement

:checkered_flag: Challenges

Any challenges you’ve completed will be included in the challenges section of your resume. These can be added using the tag challenge on your topic.

:briefcase: Adding your education and experience

Your 1-Click Resume® can also easily showcase your education and experience. To add this information to your resume you will need to create a new topic.

On the :stemaway_text_logo: forum, navigate to the category below and create a new topic:

STEM Connections > 1-Click® Resume:Create > Background

This category is used to create a single topic showcasing your Education/Experience. This information will be dynamically added into your 1-Click® Resume.

Create a topic here with the tag resume_e.

To add your education/experience information, use the buttons in the composer menu to automatically add the code structure for your education or work experience. Fill in the content in between the BBCode tags. After posting in this topic, your education/experience will be displayed on your 1-Click® Resume.

Inserting job or experience in composer

Experience BBCode Example
[logo]upload institution logo[/logo]
[title]job title[/title]
[company]Company Name[/company]
- one
- two
Education BB Code Example
[logo]upload institution logo[/logo][degree]Degree Name[/degree]
[institution]School Name[/institution]
[grade]delete if not needed[/grade]
- one
- two

:trophy: Including badges on the resume

Badges on your resume will automatically be fetched from badges that you are rewarded on the STEM-Away® forum. Continue to use the forum, contributing, completing tasks, challenges, etc. and be awarded a badge for your hard work.

:speech_balloon: Add a resume status

Adding a status to your resume helps recruiters know what you are looking for. To do this go to your profile preferences (Profile Icon → User Icon → Preferences → Profile). Here, look for the input entitled Status and select from the options listed. Once you’ve added a status, it will appear on your resume like so:

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 3.05.53 PM

:star: Resume Top Skills

As you engage on the STEM-Away platform and create topics and posts discussing your skills you will be building your resume. Your resume keeps track of the your top 5 skills based on your topics on the platform. As a result, this section will be auto-generated and will display your top 5 skills automatically.

If you wish to hide a particular skill, however, you can easily do so by toggling it through the edit mode.

To do this:

  1. Enter Edit Mode by clicking the pencil icon in the bottom right. Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 3.28.10 PM

After doing this you’ll notice an eye icon appear next to all top skills.

  1. Click the eye icon to hide/show a skill.
  2. Once you’ve selected all the skills you desire, click the checkmark icon in the bottom right to get out of edit mode. Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 3.30.22 PM

:magic_wand: Hiding/Showing Resume Topics

After you have configured which topics you want to appear on your resume (as mentioned above), you may find it necessary to to hide/show certain topics periodically. This could be used to tailor which topics you want to be shown to certain recruiters at certain times.

To do this:

  1. Enter Edit Mode by clicking the pencil icon in the bottom right. Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 3.28.10 PM

After doing this you’ll notice an eye icon appear next to all topics.

  1. Click on the eye icon on a topic to hide/show a topic. When a topic is dimmed and has dotted lines, it is marked as hidden and will only be shown in Edit Mode.

Once you’ve hidden/revealed all the topics you wish to have done so, click the checkmark icon in the bottom right to get out of edit mode. Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 3.30.22 PM

:eye: Adjusting your resume’s visibility

Sometimes you may need to control whether your resume is made visible publicly or not. You can temporarily hide your resume so that you can make edits before marking it visible again. To control this, navigate to your profile preferences.

Click your profile icon > click the user icon > click preferences. Next click the Profile button on the left sidebar. Scrolling through the list of options, you should see a field entitled, “Resume Visibility”. Select either “Yes” or “No” to hide or show your resume.

When you select No. Only you (the owner of the resume) will be able to access it. All others will be prompted with a message that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 2.57.27 PM

:page_facing_up: How to Access Your Resume

There are many ways in which you can easily navigate to your resume as well as share your resume for others to view.

:link: Direct Links

Each resume has a unique URL based on your forum account’s username. When sharing your resume you will share this unique link. The link will be in the following format:


If you are logged into your STEM-Away® account, you can easily access your resume via the short-link:


:credit_card: User Card

Your user card on the forum has a quick link to navigate to your resume. Clicking on your profile icon will bring up your user card where you can click the View Resume button to access your 1-Click® Resume.

:wrench: User Menu

If logged in, within your user menu, clicking on the :trophy: Trophy Icon will bring up some quick links. The first link in this grouping, entitled My Resume will navigate you directly to your own resume.

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