1) SkopeAI - Unlock Career Potential with Job Market Insights

Who Benefits from SkopeAI?

  • Recent Graduates & Career Changers: Transition smoothly into STEM roles with targeted skill information that aligns with your career aspirations.
  • Graduate Students: Complement your academic pursuits by identifying practical skills that are in high demand in your field.
  • Undergraduate Students: Gain access to crucial skills information that can help you excel academically and set a strong foundation for your professional journey.
  • High School Students: Embark early on your STEM path with insights into essential skills that can provide a competitive edge in your future endeavors.

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Our current job market insights extend across various cutting-edge fields including:

  • AI & ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)
  • Bioinformatics
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Full Stack Development
  • User Experience (UX) Research & Design

While our t3 chatbot is versatile enough to cover an array of fields, it delivers the most insightful and specific answers within these key areas.


Gateway to In-Demand Industry Skills, Related Skills, Transferable Skills, Emergent Skills, and more.

  • Free Tier: Engage in a comprehensive exploration of individual skills with data-driven and community insights. Forum access - Skill Deep Dive.
  • Core Package: Uncover skill interactions and job title synergies through compelling visual data. Forum access - Skill Deep Dive, Skill Synergy Explorer, SkopeAI Reports.
  • Premium Package: Additionally, leverage the STEM-Away® t3 AI Career Navigator for personalized data queries. Ask precisely, learn powerfully.

Getting Started

Launch your exploration either at the top SkopeAI category or immerse yourself deeper within the skill hierarchy at stemaway.com/skills. With a free account, you can access our unique hierarchical tagging system that provides insights into crucial market skills, job roles, and hiring companies.

For an enriched experience via our t3 AI Career Navigator and detailed analytics, consider our Monthly or Yearly Membership. The Core Package is available for free to students and employees of partner organizations, while the Premium Package can be purchased at store.stemaway.com.

Currently in beta testing, SkopeAI is set to launch in Q1 2024.

SkopeAI Forum Categories

  • Skill Deep Dive offers a detailed view of skills, their market relevance, associated job roles, leading employers, and emerging trends for a comprehensive understanding of each skill’s impact.
  • The Skill Synergy Explorer, with AI-Enabled Skill Broadening, identifies complementary skills in demand, bridging your learning with practical applications through our AI Project Engine and Virtual-Internship platform.
  • SkopeAI Reports deliver targeted insights, highlighting essential skills, job title and role interplay, company focus, and visual data analysis. These reports are tailored for both upcoming talents and recruiters, providing actionable insights for all.

:star2: With SkopeAI and STEM-Away tools at your disposal, you’re not just preparing for a job; you’re gearing up for the future. Initiate your STEM journey now!

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