All in one discourse installation and debugging manual

Hello everyone, This is whole and sole solution for all your installation issues and all debugging techniques mentioned.

Contact persons and contributors: Mac: @Vrinda_Jain Windows, Ubuntu: @Sai_Likhith_K Windows Build number issue contributor: @jginsa7

For people who are having windows build number less than 19041, please update it using media creation tool.

Reason: The reason for complete error even after executing all the steps in windows installation are because the build version in your computer is less than 19041 and so WSL2 doesn’t work and thus the entire installation fails.


  1. Upgrade to 2004 OS Build 19041 using “media creation tool” (search on google)
  1. Then, follow this link from step2

=> WSL2 update complete 3. Later, follow the steps for Windows installation.

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