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  • AI-Transcriptomics - UX Redesign
  • AI CodeAssistants - UX Emphasis
  • AI CodeAssistants - Publication

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Details of UX Projects

Shape your virtual internship experience! Based on our mentors’ expertise and our starter projects, we’ve curated a project shortlist. Have your say - vote for the projects you want to work on. Or reply to this post with suggestions!

Project Description Pathways
AI-Transcriptomics: UX Redesign This project, running parallel with our GPT-enhanced Transcriptomics App, focuses on the critical need for a user experience overhaul. The inclusion of Generative AI transforms the app, necessitating a carefully designed, intuitive interface to optimize user interaction with the enriched R Shiny transcriptomics pipeline app. UX-UI
AI CodeAssistants - UX Emphasis This project centers on the design and user experience of generative AI-powered code assistant tools. By conducting thorough user research, understanding their needs, and creating testable prototypes, the aim is to refine and enhance the design of these tools. UX-UI
AI CodeAssistants - Scholarly Publication Drawing from the user research conducted in AI CodeAssistants - UX Emphasis, this project seeks to synthesize and present those insights in a comprehensive publication. This study will highlight the needs and expectations of users interacting with generative AI-powered code assistant tools. Bioinformatics, Full Stack, Machine Learning, UX-UI