Competition: Alumni Channel

Ideas for features/ layouts for an alumni channel

Use Alex’s suggestion to start the channel while the session is ongoing

Another idea I had is if a place could be constructed where all students could communicate and get to know each other. I know I’m part of the Bioinformatics team, but I’d like to get to know students from the other teams as well!

Continuing the conversation with @Sarahrp @Hpk0304 @Alex_Cook @Vrinda_Jain @AlexG5353

Great minds think alike @AlexG5353!
Our UX Leads are currently working together to further develop a potential structure for the networking side of the platform. I believe that there is a gap for informal networking ie. day-to-day queries, research opportunities, competitions outside of the platform and perhaps a Book Club?

Additionally, I am currently coordinating an Alumni network for a different association and we have established a Buddy system. A similar system could be implemented in STEM-Away to encourage current interns to stay on the platform. We could share our experiences first-hand with incoming interns by means of meetings/webinars/team-building exercises/provision of useful resources.

Let me know your thoughts!

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It’s like you all can read my mind.
Coming up with a network for the Alumni is a great idea.

As a suggestion it can not only be a book club but a club for everything, from technology related issues and resources to discussing fun movies or also sharing opportunities for each other.
Maybe having a Alumni category might help.

As for inter team communication is concerned, I think we all could use a common slack channel to talk and just to know each other. We do have a #general slack channel that can be the right spot to start.

@Sarahrp I agree, we can provide experience stories and share materials. As a matter of fact I’m already keeping a list of such things, good and bad that can be used by upcoming leads and participants as a guide to virtual internships 101.
Maybe, all the leads can add to it.

Yes, it’s so great to have Alumni Channel for sharing all experiences and memories @ddas and @AlexG5353. Clubs for books for other interests like good resources for all pathways. I think growing this channel can develop the long life memberships

About the Slack channel as @Vrinda_Jain said or any tools that we use for the internship, we can also have the buttons on SA platform to link them directly to official Slack,… of SA

Really like the idea about the buddy system of @Sarahrp Besides having the learning buddies, we can have something similar to the mentorship program; for example, leader buddies (or maybe 1:1). Some leaders who could not join the next sections can also share the experience with the incoming leaders and support them throughout the following projects. They can fill in a form and the buddies might be chosen based on the interests of the pathway, their characters, and timezone. Or sth like an alumni mentor mixer (may be beneficial for friends who are wondering about the other pathways and for whom are finding the career roadmap).

I think, maybe we can do the survey on the channel such as small tests on small/big groups, it helps out new/sustainable strategies or innovation. Some statistics can show how the efficiency of these internships is (also good to show with the donors) and maybe can get in touch with interns’ jobs after finishing the SA internship when they share their success stories via posts or surveys.

We can also do a poster (mini guide) for friends to map out this channel platform. Or maybe we have a button/a way that can link to the other category pathways where interns can have a look at the previous work and interactions

Maybe a place for sharing ideas about industry mentors and collect the questions before the upcoming webinars. It may help the mentors knows the technical/management gaps and support their next training sessions.

Another idea is a place for photo boot, even we work totally online, there are also some nice moments on the meetings, all the captured pics are good memories for all. Video marketing also works well, people love the visualizations and videos, so we can build a trend like ‘Cats and Carts’ video using past interns

Alumni channel can do competition about the contents/innovations from categories, homepage, videos or any social network

I hope those can help, let me know about your thoughts :wink:

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I love the idea about connecting with industry mentors! It would be really helpful to have some webinars where we can get connections with professionals.

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I see a lot of great ideas! Keep the conversation going! We will pick out entries after the brainstorming is over.

The only constraint I am putting in: the channel has to be on this platform. There is a wealth of learning resources being built up by teams who are using the platform. That is one of the goals of STEM-Away. Every student in the June session is leaving behind a footprint that will help guide the next student.

I think it would be really beneficial to have a groupchat function in the Alumni category (something like a built-in Slack channel/Messenger).
@Hpk0304: Do you think this would be possible with discourse?

Participants and Leads could be formally invited to this Alumni category once they complete their internship and receive their certificate. This could also further encourage Observers to re-apply as Participants so that they too can join this Alumni group.

Being a member of the Alumni community could provide the following benefits:

  • Further research opportunities
  • PR opportunities if this was allowed (ie. writing posts for STEM-Away social media accounts/interviews/hosting informative webinars)
  • Invites to attend closed webinars with STEM professionals where Alumni could engage in conversation with the speaker and gain mentorship as there would be fewer attendees.

These additional opportunities could be a good outlet for STEM-Away to continue to support us beyond the virtual internships as we embark on our STEM career journeys.
We could continually develop both our technical and soft skills with the guidance, support and structure of the STEM-Away platform.

What do you all think?

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Secondly, as for the ‘buddy system’: Current Leads could have a meeting with Session 2 Leads sometime during the overlap weeks. These meetings would be most effective if pathway-specific (ie. UX Session 1 Leads meet with UX Session 2 Leads…same for each pathway).

We could also introduce a ‘Lead Mentor’ role whereby some Session 1 Leads could be contactable throughout Session 2 if working Leads have any queries or team issues to discuss. As a Lead, I think a fellow student who has been through it all before would be a valuable source of information and advice.

Give me a name for this channel. I will get it started with the ideas thus far (with a mention of the person who came up with the idea) and we can let it evolve with actual participation!

I think with this buddy system alumni channel we should also have a channel to share our resources. We as teams have referred to many resources for our training, we have even made our own resources to help the teams, and other tips and tricks we are learning on the way can act as a guide.

Sarah I love this idea! Could you imagine the implications an alumni channel could have in a few months/years? Many participants will be graduated/in the job hunt and could serve as future connections. STEM-Away has participants from all over the world so it would expand our professional networks tremendously.

Adding on to the closed webinars with alumni, the potential to have some quality guest speakers really arises. It would be amazing to have alumni several years down the line who’ve experienced STEM-Away first hand and be able to mentor other students. I’m sure there would be no shortage of current interns and project leads that would want to come back and mentor.

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Perhaps we could entitle it ‘SA Alumni - Your Future, Our Mission’?

Let me know what you all think or if you have any other ideas

Since @ddas always says,

like we sing away and dance away let’s stem away

Those guys are singers and dancers, so people who have been a part of stem away could be

I love it @Vrinda_Jain, how about “STEMming Away” for the category title too?

It’s on the same lines, I like that tooo :heart_eyes:

We have said this often for ourselves now, but I’ll say it again: Great Minds Think Alike :wink:

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So nice names there, like the idea of singers and dancers from @Vrinda_Jain. I also think about a short name like SAA (means StemAway Alumni or StemAway always)
@Sarahrp: yes, I think we can build the channel like a built-in Slack as discourse

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Hi @ddas, I do liked all the above suggestions. In addition to them, One from my side is that :

Alumni Channel can be named either of these two suggestions:

  • SAF( STEM-away 4 ever).

  • Stem-away shadows (tagline: Never really left, ever connected) (just like a shadow stays even if we move one step away from present place, similarly, even if we graduate one step from stemaway, but still connected to stemaway)

And as @Sarahrp mentioned, there should be a separate page for the Alumni on STEM-away itself which is similar to Call for STEM-Away® Student Leaders
page starting with explaining

Benefits of being part of the Alumni Community which include:

  • Future research and projects collaboration as told by @Sarahrp
  • Slack link in the channel to join and contribute as told by @Vrinda_Jain
  • Be mentor in free times for office hours
  • Be able to deliver webinars for onboarding candidates for tips to cracking this internship
  • Have a previlige to contribute to friendly competitions (we can have separate competitions for alumni)
  • Can share experiences of working on STEM-away social media websites (Similar to student spotlight, it would be alumni spotlight where for example, if I design a product that had a profound impact in future, those can be showcased as alumni spotlight)
  • Contribute to STEMaway community. Just like @Vrinda_Jain, @shreyas contributed to logo design and certificates, I think these are independent of internship, so alumni can still provide inputs
  • Can be industry mentor for that particular topic. I observed a good pattern from @ddas of having topic specific industry mentor. So, for example in future if onboarding people working on lets say AWS, someone who is working on AWS in their full-time job can take a guest webinar to teach or share a loom recording.
  • Can have Cross-path collaboration and communication (CCC). Currently FS team interacting with UX team for a better way to tackle the layout changes. Similarly alumni can actually participate and work crossfunctional domains in future projects that can be useful to stemaway community.
  • If possible, we can have Virtual Get together meets on special days or when a session starts or ends. Like “Meeting onboarding students with alumni” where a fun session kind of experience can be shown to onboarding people so that they can sustain their enthusiasm and excitement
  • Can Network with other alumni over LinkedIn as well. My favourite is LinkedIn because of which I came to know about STEMaway. So, I prefer getting in touch with all of the people over LinkedIn.
  • Can conduct an FAQ chatbot with alumni where the students submit their queries regarding what they feel difficult in managing like: Leadership or Project design or anything. Any alumni who are free at that time can respond to Debaleena and answer the question which can be later conveyed to the FAQ category in the homepage.

These are my inputs. Anything else to be added is welcomed.

By the way, how many like the name STEM-Away Shadowz name for the alumni channel?


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I understand that everyone is very busy with final presentations right now but we are fast-approaching a critical point for Alumni engagement. Ideally, we should have the channel off the ground before the end of this session so we don’t lose the current interns.
I am open to having a meeting to amalgamate and finalise our ideas. @Hpk0304, @Vrinda_Jain, @Sai_Likhith_K @AlexG5353 @ddas: Do you think you would be available sometime early next week (Mon/Tues/Wed)? As of now, my schedule is free at the following times so please tick the days/times that suit you.

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday

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  • 9am PDT
  • 10am PDT
  • 12noon PDT
  • 1pm PDT
  • 2pm PDT

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Thanks and I look forward to collaborating with you all!

I would like to re-iterate my inputs for alumni collaboration in helping upcoming interns.

If possible I would love to participate as well.

Some steps I think we could start off with would be:

  1. Create Alumni Email List - Could be done through an end of session survey?
  2. Create a rough idea of a timeline of potential social events for the fall - Content up in the air, share cooking recipes, boardgames, virtual talk followed by breakout rooms with conversation, small group meetings, etc
  3. Potentially Bi-monthly STEM-letter that displays opportunities for engagement, events, and upcoming programs.