Competition: Certificate Design for STEM-Away Internships and Awards

Tapping into your creativity!

Come up with an image for the award certificate.

Here is a link to images of certificates on shutterstock.

Sharing as an example. These are way too traditional. Need an exciting design that reflects the next gen STEM platform! The challenge is on!

FYI: When an image (of the correct size) is added to a post, it gets displayed when the post is shared on social media.

These are reasonably traditional but just something I have been working with so far. The main thing that I think would be great on the certificates would be to have a logo that reflects the pathway that the participant was in.


Love it Shreyas!! The concept of a pathway logo, the colors, the layout!

Reasonably traditional is okay. Ribbon and such are the things that don’t speak to me.

I like the top one. Will let others weigh in!

I too love the idea of a pathway logos, so I went back and incorporated that into my designs.

Very nice designs @Vrinda_Jain!

Hi @ddas, I liked both designs above mentioned. However, I would like to present my inputs as well:

  1. We can add pathway logo as a watermark if possible. It would give a professional outlook.
  2. Mentioning Project would help a person to showcase it in future interviews
  3. Sign of the CEO would definitely be so valuable.
  4. To make the certificate look a bit colorful, I added a different colored clipart to avoid monotony.

Hi @shreyas, I particularly like your first design. I believe the curves make it modern and help it to stand out.
As @Sai_Likhith_K mentioned, the signature of Founder is also valuable and I LOVE your Pathway logos!


@shreyas I also really like the first design- would you add a colored border on the left (a small one is fine) just so it is not floating in a sea of white (when people look at it on their computer.

@Sai_Likhith_K The watermarked pathways is a really professional way to do it - I agree.

We need to make sure that everything is formatted using our branding guidelines for colors and fonts.

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On that note, @Zihao_Li on our UX Team has sourced the codes for all of the colours on the STEM-Away platform and could share these if that would be helpful.

That’s a great idea, I’ll be sure to add it. The certificate definitely wouldn’t stand out well without the colored border. I’ll also add the watermarked pathway logos and try to post them so everyone can see how they look. Also, is there any way you could send me the branding guidelines so I can be see what the fonts/colors are?

Awesome! If he could share @Zihao_Li could share those that would be great.

Yes Sure!

Those codes indicate the color in our main page, forum page and message page. @Sarahrp


Here’s what the certificate looks like with the right colors


Looks wonderful :slight_smile:

Looks like everyone is voting for this entry.

@shreyas I will set up a meeting with you shortly to finalize the certificate. (a bit too busy right now)

There is a particular image size that shows up really well when the post is shared on LinkedIn.

Other than the size, we need to highlight the pathway (maybe make that bold as well) and add session information.

The last thing we need to do is figure out how to add a verification code to the certificate. Since you like learning new things, you can help me figure that out!

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