Competition: Forum Navigation

We will select an individual winner + a winning pathway (we can decide the criterion for winning pathway later)

Mention your pathway!

Pathway: STEM-Away Team

Navigation feature: Bookmark
Button to bookmark present at the bottom of each post
All bookmark items can be viewed by clicking on user avatar on top right and then bookmark icon in the dropdown!

Easily track the topics that are important to you!!

@vrinda, @Melissa @shreyas: expecting entries from you :slight_smile:

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Pathway: 404 NOT FOUND (FS TEAM-2)

I think making a demo (a visual explanation) on the home page will make it easier for the first time visitors to navigate the forum since STEM-AWAY is relatively a bit big community.
This demo should be coupled with audio explaining the visitor different parts of the forum and as well include a brief introduction of what STEM-AWAY is all about.

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Thank you for the suggestion Solomon! Is a visual explanation of the content of this topic what you have in mind?

Yes @ddas, that can serve as the brief introduction. Then, followed by a tour of the forum.

Hi @ddas, I support @Chuks views and also in addition to that I would like to add one more thing.

Pathway: FS

Only for signed in users:
For homepage navigation,

I would recommend re-ordering of the grids according to their wish so that their favourite channels can be top once they sign-in.

  • Option A: Like a kinda drag and drop of the grids as they wish.
  • Option B: Pin their top 3 categories
  • Option C, Hide unwanted categories

If we feel drag and drop is difficult to implement, we can pin the 3 most important grids to top of homepage (for example, i want 1 click resume, friendly competitions at first of the grids on home page. So, I can either drag and drop to top or I can pin them or I can hide the rest so that I can ignore the less visited grids for me.)

I like it Sai! You are our FS guy, give me a sense of the complexity of implementation :slight_smile:

The UX teams are working on the idea of users choosing the categories they want to see. But I don’t think they have dug into the specifics of how to do it. Implementation-wise I like the options B & C. I don’t like messing around with grids on the fly. It is sure to make some browser crash!

And I think this will be a great FS project for the July session. Immense showcasing opportunity. This feature will be very useful to the Discourse community!

Yes @ddas, I do feel the same. I do feel that this could contribute to discourse community as well if implemented correctly. I already started learning to think in the shoes of you :sweat_smile: . My choice goes to larger impact with less complications so, my voting goes to Options B, C as well over A keeping FS implementation in mind. I can definitely assure you that Option C and B are pretty possible and Option B is already existing for the administrators, now that we can change it to anyone to have their personal. I think Option B is easiest to implement and that can be an industry project for July session people. If possible I shall make team 2 work on it if they complete Replies part earlier or leave it for upcoming guys.

I am happy that my philosophies are resonating with you! Students especially coders like complexity. But impact over complexity is the way to shine!

So, option B is allowing users access to the reorder category function that admins have. It is more challenging than that though, since you have to store the choice per user. It is definitely a great project!

FS Team 2 is already working on some cool ideas. It is their decision if they want to add this. Remember my other feedback. The best leaders guide, they don’t direct :slight_smile:

Yeah sure @ddas, I do remember that I shall guide them only if they are inclined towards it . Coming to the implementation of part B, the existing bookmark feature inside posts is already customized per user. The same functionality we can replicate for the homepage. I think B is a good choice as it is just tweaking the code as such the posts feature.

Got it! I am sold. Even if the July teams don’t pick this idea (we will let team leads pick projects), we (the STEM-Away team) will implement and integrate into our platform.

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Thanks a lot @ddas for accepting this input. Yeah I think STEM-Away team can handle it like a boss :sunglasses: