Competition: On-boarding of new users to the platform

Ideas to help new users take their first steps in STEM-Away

Particularly interested in ideas that:

  • Do not involve a totally different interface for new users
  • Do not oversimplify the interface for new users. Ideas that keep the learning experience exciting and users of all levels engaged.

I was thinking that something along the lines of a model category that essentially was a category with a bunch of annotated tags on it with numbers so that new users could walk through and see what the forums are like and learn about the functions and structure of how the process works.

Some key components:

  • Describing how tagging links with One-Click Resume
  • Rating system
  • Way categories are divided (Pathways, Teams, Competitions, etc.)
  • Use cases for the forums(Discussions, planning, etc.)

Love it! The concept of a model category. And the concept of annotated tags with numbers.

The way I am visualizing it is a guided tour as in Facebook and many other sites but everything done through tags and links to next posts.

And instead of creating links to actual posts (which can cause confusion), we create model posts within the model category.

Is that the correct visualization?

Yes, exactly what I was thinking.

Hey @ddas
In my interviews with most of the leads and participants, I came across the same problem almost in a loop that it took them almost 1-2 days in understanding the platform and required certain guidance with that so for that I came up with the solution of a CHATBOT ( residing at the edge of the screen that can pop up if there are any navigation issues faced by the participant ) and this way could make their journey more enriching on to the platform.

@Ritika_Sharma I was literally typing in the exact same thing.
Wow! So just to add into your information, basically, the chatbot could help navigation by providing links to specific questions. And as a welcome message, it can list down a few links to get the person initially started.

Nice suggestion Ritika!

Can you add to it in 2 ways:

  • A few examples of how people were confused and how the chatbot would help.
  • A chatbot has a rather commercial feel to it. Can you think of some way to build on the solution that it is uniquely STEM-Away. (As in Antony’s entry)

Regarding your two question:
-People weren’t able to get the navigation system at the platform so for that we can have some curated set of standard question maybe like:
Demo video for replying to each category
Reaching out to their group/forum
-The chatbot can rather have a more friendly feel to it with some pre-processed question already present or maybe that chatbot could have a substitute as someone who could act as a guide throughout the platform.

@Vrinda_Jain Sure it can :smile:

Can I also join some ideas? I love the chatbot idea, somehow it can also help friends (especially new comers) release some confusions about whether they suit/really like the pathway by automated questions. I think they can navigate it easily and make clear before starting the internship

Absolutely :). Do join the conversation!

Well @ddas , I have 3 ideas that can be incorporated for onboarding new users to the platform.

  1. In the Fall 2020: New Visitors, there should be an article or a tutorial video about STEM-away that showcases:
  • What can we expect from STEMaway internship? (hands-on learning based open-ended internship, leadership roles available, mentorship guidance etc.,)
  • What is expected from the candidate?
  • Pathways available
  • Showcasing highlighted projects from each Pathways in the video itself (For ex: In recent summer 2020… this pathway worked on this project and contributed to STEMaway like this)
  • Next Steps
  1. Chatbot is the go to option for this according to me:
  • Are you a new visitor or a returning visitor?
    if returning:
  • Ask a question or give a suggestion (anonymous suggestions)

if new:

  • Your skills?
  • Your interests? (Pathways available to be chosen here)
  • Have you read new visitors’s group on homepage?
  • Please visit the navigation guide
  1. Navigation guide: (Demo video)
    This is an addendum after the above options.
    This shall focus on the remaining topics like:
  • Pathway Navigation
  • Describing how tagging links with One-Click Resume
  • Rating system
  • Types of categories (Pathways, Teams, Competitions, etc.)
    basically what @AntonyGeorgiadis mentioned.

Hi everyone,
To assist in the implementation of everyones great ideas I began to put together a google doc that attempts to create an onboarding curriculum for new users that could be put into an example category and/or a video as suggested by @Sai_Likhith_K.

It is attached below and I encourage everyone to take a look, comment and make suggestions because I’m sure through a group effort we can make sure that the onboarding material can be as comprehensive as possible.


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Glad that we all are on the same page. Definitely we will contribute for the document and make it happen.