Competition: Rating (User interface design + statistical analysis)

Ideas to make the rating more user friendly


Ideas for the statistical algorithm to analyze ratings. Each post will have a raw rating and a STEM-Away® processed rating that takes into account the rating profile of a user

A suggestion I had was having rating icon was separated from the like icon because on most platforms the like icon is a way to show quick acknowledgment as opposed to the more complex rating system seen on the stemAway platform.

Another idea, 4 different rating categories could have colors assigned to them that light up when hovered over with icons that appropriately symbolize their meanings. Then to give the rating, a vertical menu could pop up from where you clicked on each of the rating categories with stars to click your rating.
For example:(Creative: yellow lightbulb, Interesting: green Thinking Emoji, Entertaining: red Popcorn, Useful: Blue wrench)

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Hi Antony,

Excellent suggestions!

The second idea is along the lines of what we have just started implementing! Your suggestions enhance the solution we are planning, we can definitely incorporate it.

As for the first idea, you nailed it with the usage of the term “quick acknowledgement”.

You are this close to becoming a STEM-Away student architect :slight_smile:

Just help me solve one issue. My concern is that students will stop using the complex rating system if there is a simpler alternative. And the data collected through that rating function is critical to our hiring algorithms. How do we encourage students to keep using the complex rating as well?

Hi @ddas ,

An odd idea that I thought of regarding the color scheme is that there would be a ring around each user icon that would show the proportions of each kind of rating they had received up unto that point and potentially the icon could have a slightly different border as the user receives more and more ratings on the site. This would make it easy to distinguish active users of the site and create an incentive for all users to start to use the rating feature. I’m not sure how challenging this would be to implement but seems that it wouldn’t be overly challenging from the outset. I’m not sure how incentivizing this action to such a degree would effect the algorithm though so it may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Another idea that may be simpler is to just remove the like button all together and only have options for rating along the bottom. This option however may muddy the data as some may just rate whichever is their favorite color or in other arbitrary manners to make up for the lack of the like button.

I think another thing that would increase the use of the rating system would be to only have visible the reply, rate, and like button in the bottom left corner and push all other post actions to the right. This would make the feed more similar in style to other media sites where primary post interactions tend to be on the left. This makes sense since people tend to read left to right especially when they are on a forum based site that has a lot of reading on it. While doing so making the rate icon clearer to its purpose (ie notepad symbol or even just text that says rate.).


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I have to think out the implementation and big picture but have to confess that I am super excited :slight_smile:

In the 1-Click Resume®, we use color gradation to show the strength of a skill. I am picturing your solution as something similar to show a user’s activity factor.

Can you create a prototype? A low fidelity one, even just a sketch will do.

And are you available this Friday at 10 am Pacific to drive this conversation? We can cover alumni channel and rating this Friday if all the stakeholders/ student architects are available.

I would be happy to and yes I am available for this Friday at 10am.

I really like your ideas @AntonyGeorgiadis!
I agree that we should include a simple ‘like’ button alongside the rating button.
Some users disregard the current rating system and assign stars randomly, as they simply wish to acknowledge the post.
So in order to maintain the reliability of the rating data, I believe it is very important to have a ‘like’ button as well. This would result in less activity with the rating system but more reliable data.
Then ideas such as @AntonyGeorgiadis’s could be implemented to encourage users to rate posts effectively.

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I have created a flat prototype of what I was generally thinking. The idea would be when hovering over like and other greyed buttons on bottom they would become colorized. And the color choices may be different, in post I realize that it gives off a google esque theme.


Oh that’s so nice @AntonyGeorgiadis