Crafting ChatGPT Prompts for Tech Career Exploration: Bridging the Diversity Gap

ChatGPT Prompts for Tech Career Exploration: Bridging the Diversity Gap


Debaleena Das, Driving Inclusive Opportunities


A well-known issue in STEM is the lack of diversity, often due to barriers such as limited access to counselors and inadequate networking opportunities. We aim to use AI to help address this issue. So, we invite you to create a set of ChatGPT prompts to guide students in exploring tech career roles.

In this intersection of AI, education, and career development, we’re looking for prompts that provide in-depth insights into various tech roles. The prompts should cover skills required, daily tasks, potential career progression, and the broader impact of the role in tech industry. Additionally, prompts should offer actionable suggestions for students to kick-start their journey, like relevant courses, internships, certifications, or networking.

Key Considerations

  • How to make prompts that elicit thorough and useful information about tech roles?
  • How to ensure prompts can be used for any tech role?
  • How to make prompts engaging and spark curiosity in students?

You are invited to submit prompts applicable to a broad technology field or even those specific to a niche domain. For instance, if your focus is Bioinformatics, the elaborated guidelines would be as follows:

Role Description

Create prompts to provide an overview of different bioinformatics roles, such as Bioinformatics Analyst, Computational Biologist, Genomics Data Scientist, etc. The prompts should help students understand what these roles entail and their significance in the field.

Required Skills and Training

Design prompts to explain the skills and training required for these roles. Include both technical skills (like programming languages, database management, statistics, machine learning, and genomics) and soft skills (like communication and problem-solving).

Daily Tasks

Develop prompts that describe typical tasks and projects for these roles, to help students understand what a day in the life of a bioinformatics professional might look like.

Career Progression

Design prompts to outline potential career progression pathways in bioinformatics, providing students with a long-term view of the field.

Networking and Further Learning

Create prompts that offer suggestions for further learning and networking opportunities in the field of bioinformatics. This could include recommended courses, internships, certifications, conferences, and professional organizations.


Make sure the prompts are engaging and interactive, to motivate students to actively explore the field of bioinformatics. For example, prompts could include open-ended questions, invite students to reflect on their interests and goals, or encourage students to research specific topics further.


This challenge is for AI enthusiasts, educators, career counselors, tech industry professionals, and others who are keen on using AI to improve diversity in tech careers. Both individuals and teams can participate.

Cost of Entry

12 Tacks


July 21st 2023 (Submissions start on June 20th)

Submission Requirements

Send us 5-10 ChatGPT prompts for tech career exploration. They should address the key considerations and show the potential of these prompts to inform and guide students towards tech careers.

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged based on relevance, creativity, educational value, and their potential to guide students in exploring various tech career roles effectively.


  • Platform and Social Media Showcase Prize: Winning entries will be showcased on our STEM-Away platform and social media channels, giving you exposure within the AI and education communities.

  • Certificate of Achievement: Winners will receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement from STEM-Away, validating your innovative thinking, technical skills, and dedication to impacting the future of tech.

Take up this challenge to help shape the future of tech careers, contribute to diversity in STEM, and impact the next generation of tech professionals. Best of luck!