Cym7sf - Bioinformatics Pathway

1. Overview of Things Learned

Technical Area

  • Further solidified my background in R and Rstudio (including volcano plots, PCA, heat maps, etc.)
  • I was able to get back into the “mindset” and refresh my working memory of Python since I hadn’t used that language in about 2 years.
  • Improved my ability to read, understand, and critique scientific papers in the bioinformatics and data science sectors.


  • Stem-Away Platform
  • R & R Studio (w/ various packages)
  • GEO, KEGG Database
  • Jupyter Notebook to run Python
  • Slack and Gsuite

Soft Skills

  • Organize myself and get accustomed to having multiple places to check for information (email, Slack, STEM-Away, Google drive, etc.)
  • I have also learned how to professionally communicate online by interacting with team members, responding to forums and emails, etc.

2. Three achievement highlights

  • I have been able to fully review and understand the research paper, looking up relevant literature to further deepen my understanding of microarray and gene expressions in the context of cancer.
  • Improved my R coding skills and learned how to create/interpret volcano plots.
  • Understand the technical side of bioinformatics and relate it the more “wet lab” based experiments.

3. Meetings Attended

  • Technical Webinar #1, #2, #3
  • All team meetings (Group 3 and GeneTeam)
  • Logistical Webinar
  • Welcome Session on Leadership & Program Management by Stephanie & Katie

4. Goals for the upcoming week.

  • Become used to all the communication platforms and become even more organized (I have missed some of the technical webinars since I didn’t know the times that they were being given)
  • Continue to practice with Python and finish the exercises.
  • Meet with my small team and begin our tasks
  • Familiarize myself with Asana
  • Be sure to re-watch recorded lectures, OHs, and trainings to bring myself up to speed.

Inactive, assessed by Lead