Differential Gene Expression analysis AUGUSTINE AMAKIRI

Continuing the discussion from Quality Control and Data Visualization AUGUSTINE AMAKIRI:
Concise Overview of things Learned
l learned how to perform differential gene expression (DEG) analysis to identify genes that are deferentially expressed between two or more samples.

Tools used:
I used Limma to fit a linear model created using my metadata, EnhancedVolcano was used to visualize the differentially expressed genes, pheatmap was used to generate heatmaps for DEG.

Soft skills:
we organized group meetings to discuss our deliverables and worked as a team to complete the task by creating a coding hour. we also learned how to troubleshoot each other code.
I designed the slides used for the presentation

I attended all meetings and contributed actively to the meetings. As a team, we completed the weekly tasks and presented the deliverable.

Goal for the week:
To attend this week’s meetings and office hours. To complete this weeks task with my team