Do I receive a certificate at the end of the internship?

Mentor Chains® Certificates

At the end of the project, each participant will be issued a certificate covering skills & tasks. The Mentor Chains® certificate is a living document during the duration of the project with periodic reviews done by the team. Final entries are signed off by the project lead. Certificates can be shared directly on LinkedIn using the share button under the topic.

Just wondering if observers also receive a certificate, or if we can just add it to our LinkedIns/CVs stating that we observed the project?

Hi, observers also receive certificates as long as self-assessments were filled. We are in the process of reviewing self-assessments with leads. Certificates will be issued after that.

Where can I view my certificate or will it be sent to me as an email?
I was in the first session with UX Team 1.

I was also wondering where I can view my certificate. I was on The Gene Team in Bioinformatics in the June session. Thank you!

In order to issue certificates, we need the self-assessments and only the Bioinformatics Pathway had more than 90% self-assessments ready.

The numbers are much better now for all pathways (though still not 100%). We have decided to move forward at this point. We will generate the certificates this weekend.

@Sharva_Santhakumar @Kristen_15

Okay, thank you!

Thank you!

Where can I view my certificate? Will it be sent as an email or can I view it on STEM-Away?

I just received my certification. I unfortunately made a spelling mistake in my Google account name. It is supposed to be spelled Sharva and not Shava. I just corrected my Google Account name. Is it possible to correct my name in the certification?