Emails sent to virtual-internship applicants

All emails sent to virtual-internship applicants are collected in this thread.

1st email (sent mid April)

Hi there!

We have received your application and look forward to an exciting summer with you! You can check application status in your dashboard.

Click on your profile pic and then the left-most icon to reach your dashboard. We have also created a shortcut on the tab right above the categories.

We are in the process of adding evaluations. Training & evaluations will begin in June. Please note that our evaluation structure is not designed to eliminate interested students. However, we need to make sure that you either have the required skills or are willing to put in the extra effort needed to gain skills so that you fit well in your team. Teamwork will start in July.

If you know more students who may be interested, do share the application topic with them. Students who already have the required skills can skip the training phase. The more teams we have, the more interesting apps we can build! Teams can choose to work independently or come together to build the showcase project.

Feel free to ask any question via the forum (do not reply to this email, it is not monitored). We will also be holding bi-weekly Q&A sessions starting next week.

Thanks, Debaleena

Application topic: Virtual-Internships for Summer 2022 - Virtual-Internships - STEM-Away®
Question topic: Summer 2022: Questions regarding your application - Virtual-Internships - STEM-Away®

2nd email (sent 04/22)

Hi again!

Thanks for your questions, it helps us understand your concerns and confusions. You are welcome to send me DMs. However, if possible, do share your questions via the topic below. It will help everyone and increase your level of comfort in asking questions!

A number of you asked me about submitting resumes. We do not require you to submit resumes, we have set up our own evaluation system.

A link to the internship timeline is now available via your dashboard. Also, I have added two more topics (email digest, early offer letter) to the virtual-internship category.

Thanks, Debaleena

Question topic: Summer 2022: Questions regarding your application - Virtual-Internships - STEM-Away®
Email digest:
Early offer letter:

3rd email (sent 05/05)

Have questions? We are hosting multiple sessions, join us.

Update: Sessions are past

Final email before session begins

We are almost ready to begin the week of June 6th, hope you are too!!

  1. Most events have been added here: link removed since this is a public message. Make sure you register well ahead of time for events that interest you. Zoom links will be shared with registered individuals closer to the event. Please note that lead interviews/ training is compulsory for interns applying for lead positions. More slots will be made available if needed.

  2. Our offer letter is sufficient for most academic credit and visa related needs. We will do custom paperwork beyond the offer letter for institutes with 10 or more interns. So, it is in your best interest to reach out to friends, clubs and other avenues at your school. Application topic shared below.

  3. Make sure you read and check the box at the bottom of the topic:

Thanks, STEM-Away Team