Exclusive Launch Offer for Academic Partners + FAQ

Enhance your Students’ Success with our Exclusive Academic Partners Offer & Optional Insights Package

At STEM-Away®, we’re revolutionizing the STEM landscape with our AI-driven tools and hands-on projects. We extend a special invitation to professors and career centers to provide their students with unparalleled learning experiences, completely free of charge for Summer 2024 (May-Aug).

Exclusive Academic Partners Offer: Empower 25 of your students with complimentary access to our comprehensive t3: College & Early Career Package. Through AI-Driven Career Tools, Skill-Builder Projects, and our celebrated Virtual Internships, they’ll gain the skills needed for a thriving career.

Optional Insights Package for August : Specifically for professors or career centers, this optional $75 enhancement in August provides a month of access to invaluable wrap-up tools:

  • Aggregate Performance Analysis: Gain NLP-based insights into student engagements with our AI mentor, highlighting their learning progress, strengths, and areas for growth.

  • AI-Enhanced Channel Engagement: Utilize our AI-enhanced communication for a data-driven conclusion to their learning journey, fine-tuning your strategies for student success.

Get Started Today: This exclusive opportunity is limited to the first 50 applicants. Secure your spot by filling out our quick Google Form. Simply submit your email and a link to a university page that confirms the email is valid to unlock an exceptional educational opportunity for your students.

Note: A minimum of 15 students is required for meaningful statistical analysis and privacy protection. Upon accepting your invitation, students will be informed that their aggregate performance data may be shared with you.

FAQs: Exclusive Offer for Academic Partners

Project Opportunities

  • What types of projects can students work on?

    • Focus areas include AI, Bioinformatics, ML, and Full Stack, with UX included in multidisciplinary Virtual Internships. Projects are chosen based on job market insights and community feedback, with new additions expected in May. As STEM-Away®’s AI Project Engine exits beta on May 1st, we’re ushering in a community-driven approach to experiential learning, where our community plays a pivotal role in determining the projects.

Program Participation

  • Can I add more than 25 students to the program?

    • The offer covers up to 25 students. While additional paid seats are not an option, requests for additional seats through our Google Form will be considered based on capacity.

Insights and Performance Analysis

  • What inspired the development of your NLP-based performance analysis?

    • The genesis of our NLP-based analysis comes from direct, hands-on experience. In assisting students live, we identified key indicators of learning progress, strengths, and areas needing growth. Automating this process allows us to extend what we know works well into a scalable tool that benefits all. We firmly believe that educators are in the best position to leverage this data, using it to tailor their approach and optimize student success.
  • Can I obtain performance reports later if I don’t opt-in now?

    • Reports are available only for groups predefined by May, as we aggregate data without collecting individual specifics. This requires upfront group definition. Participation signifies consent to this aggregate data approach. A minimum of 15 students is needed for aggregate analysis to maintain privacy.

Custom Projects and Framework Use

  • Can I use STEM-Away® resources to run my own projects on the platform?

    • Sure! We invite you to submit your project ideas through our AI Project Engine. Projects that garner community support will be fully integrated into our solution pipeline, receiving AI tools and mentoring resources from STEM-Away®. Please note that any project integrated into our platform will be open to all student members.

Future Direction

  • Are there resources for educators to integrate this program into our curriculum?

    • Yes, starting post-summer, we’re thrilled to introduce pathways that enable educators to seamlessly incorporate our projects and tools into existing curricula. This initiative is designed to bridge the gap between theoretical classroom learning and practical, real-world applications, effectively addressing the need for skill-centric experiential learning opportunities.