Functional Analysis AUGUSTINE AMAKIRI

Continuing the discussion from Quality Control and Data Visualization AUGUSTINE AMAKIRI:

Concise Overview of things learned For this week we worked on functional analysis of our differentially expressed genes. During this period I have learned how to interface with different databases from R programing language.

Tools used I used different cluster profile functions such as enrichGO, enrichDavid, enrichDGN, enrichr to interface with different external databases.

Softskills I served as the task lead for this week. I was responsible for scheduling meetings for all subgroup meetings. In addition to this, we organized a coding hour were we met as a group to code for the deliverables. Personal I learnt how to take responsibility and initiative as a leader

Three Achievement this week I was able to integrate some of the technical skills learnt during this week into my final project. I was efficient in but organizing our subgroup and managing our time. I attended all group meetings

I have attachment one of the plots I created for your view