Hybrid NLP Challenge: ChatGPT Similarity Sprint

Hybrid NLP Challenge: ChatGPT Similarity Sprint


Dilshaan Sandhu, STEM-Away® Elite Alumni
Colin Magdamo, STEM-Away® Principal Machine Learning Mentor


Welcome to the Hybrid NLP Challenge! The goal is to uncover the potential of ChatGPT to find forum post similarities. We invite you to submit ideas to effectively utilize ChatGPT for identifying similarities among forum posts. Proposals should include a custom code component that can be combined with ChatGPT’s functionalities to come up with a strong hybrid solution.

Key Considerations

  • How can we effectively employ ChatGPT to find similar forum posts?
  • How can we deal with token limitations to make sure we’re analyzing enough posts?
  • What kind of metrics can we create to measure similarities?
  • How could we integrate custom code modifications to establish a hybrid technique?
  • What can we learn from comparing the performance of the mixed approach with ChatGPT alone?

Who can participate?

This challenge is for anyone interested in AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, or anyone who’s keen on seeing what ChatGPT can do with forum post similarity. Both individuals and teams can join in.


12 Tacks


July 7th, 2023 (Submissions open from June 20th)

Submission Requirements

Send us a one-page proposal that outlines your idea for using ChatGPT to find similarities in forum posts. Be sure to address the key considerations above and highlight the benefits and originality of your approach.

Judging Criteria

We’ll be looking at how original your idea is, whether it’s doable, how technically skilled it is, and what we can learn from comparing your hybrid approach with using ChatGPT on its own


  • Project Realization Prize: The top proposal will have the chance to be turned into a complete project, carried out by a dedicated team of interns who’ve been trained by STEM-Away.

  • Platform and Social Media Spotlight Prize: Your project will receive special recognition on the STEM-Away® platform and across various social media channels. This provides an excellent opportunity for visibility within the AI and ML communities, amplifying your network and showcasing your proficiency in NLP.

  • Certificate of Achievement: Winners will receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement from STEM-Away®. This certificate validates your success in the challenge and serves as a valuable asset to your professional portfolio.

Embark on this challenge to unlock the potential of ChatGPT, devise impactful metrics, propose hybrid code enhancements, and contribute to the rich tapestry of knowledge surrounding forum post similarities. Best of luck!