Important Dates & Program Structure

Important Dates - 2022

Application Window

Application window opens in mid Feb. An application profile will be created for all applicants to track pre-requisites, application status and other details.

Pre-internship Training

Pre-internship Training will be provided to all applicants starting week of June 6th. Training sessions will follow the same schedule as the Hybrid-Bootcamps Program. Applicants will have access to the instruction-centric meetings of the selected project. Note: Q&A session participation will be limited to Hybrid-Bootcamps members.

If you are a beginner, we strongly encourage you to start working on the pre-requisites right away. There are resources available online. STEM-Away also provides training through hybrid-bootcamps.

Evaluation & Team Formation

Final evaluation & Team Formation begins mid June. STEM-Away® Challenges will be available by mid May. Objective grading will be done via an automated evaluation framework. Subjective grading will be done via meetings in June.

Two tiers of teams (Power Teams & Exploration Teams) will be formed based on evaluation results. Power Teams will work on Level 3 & Level 2 projects. Exploration teams will work on Level 1 projects. Explanation of Project Levels and prerequisites.


Virtual-Internships will be held during the month of July. The weeks of July 11th, 18th and 25th will be dedicated to teamwork and discussions with mentors. Teams may request up to 2 additional weeks of mentor guidance.

The virtual-internships are very fast-paced and students have to commit to keep up with their team. Self-assessments and presentations are expected from all students on a weekly basis.


Demo days and other showcasing will start in August and continue until the next session.