Isha - Self-Assessment


  • Technical Area: Streamlined MentorChains internship structure and communications for all pathways
  • Tools: GSuite, Slack, Trello
  • Soft Skills: Leadership, project management, conflict resolution, problem-solving, critical thinking

Achievement Highlights

  1. Helped devise new onboarding process for prospective July interns, including 2 week training period involving Office Hours hosted by previous interns.
  2. Compiled self-assessments for approximately 300 June and July interns in order to generate certificates at the end of the internship
  3. Provided guidance on selecting and setting up project management tools (including GSuite, Trello, and Slack) for internship-wide use.


  • Led weekly Pathway Lead meetings and attended meetings with Debaleena and other Leads as necessary

Tasks Completed:

  • Complied learnings and best practices from the June session into cohesive presentations tailored to each pathway and hosted project management trainings for new July leads
  • Hosted project management office hours for Leads across all pathways
  • Led weekly Pathway Lead meetings and passed on updates
  • Implemented spreadsheet for high-level internship tracking and provided support if teams were falling behind
  • Rolled out weekly Milestone Posts to track each intern’s progress as well as tagging system for posts
  • Supported Leads in implementing projects and checked in to ensure projects were running smoothly
  • Compiled detailed feedback from July session Leads to assess areas for improvement

Goals for Next Session

  • Devise streamlined and transparent onboarding system for prospective interns
  • Improve inter-team and inter-pathway communications
  • Empower Leads to do team building in creative ways