Kicking off the competition: Creative/ Useful/ Interesting/ Entertaining Forum Feature

Reply with a post that uses some creative or useful or interesting or entertaining forum feature.

Note: There is a separate competition for forum navigation features.

Mention your pathway!

Pathway: STEM-Away Team
Entry: Using iframe to display an entire website within a post!

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Pathway: Machine Learning

It seems that we can integrate Github with Discourse, via a Discourse Code Review plugin. If we add this to the forum, it may promote more code discussion on the site. A link can be found here:


Hi @ddas,

Pathway: Full Stack It seems we can distinguish our replies from others by using signatures like gmail signatures.

If possible, I would love to suggest this feature as it can have a **creative and ** entertaining way of expressing ourselves.

I saw this git repository interesting.

Second one is that chat can be merged with the social media platforms:

Using this thread. This is an useful feature which we can use this to generate notifications about our new discourse posts across slack. This can help us to respond asap as we will have apps installed in our phones where and websites are not always open.

Thanks, Sai


I was perusing the discourse Plug-In Library to see get a better understanding for what was possible on discourse when I stumbled on this follow feature.

From what I could tell this feature seems quite interesting and I think would be a good first step towards getting people more interested in the networking side of stemAway on the site itself(As opposed to solely on LinkedIn).

If we could build on top of this plug-in for the following session(Full-Stack Project?) and make it so that people could control who followed them I think this feature may be better received as it would make the account feel more private and align with similar features on other platforms.

Something else is this Zoom Webinars Feature however not sure of its implications as it seems the majority of recent webinars have been done over hangouts.

Best, Antony