Machine Learning Level 1 Module 4 pt 2 Self Assessment

Technical areas:

• Followed the Flowster forum BERT classification tutorial in Colab. Learned how to use Colab to train the models.

• Learned how to use the models to generate post embeddings.

• Learned how to test recommender/classifier models, and deal with data imbalances in classifers.

Tools: Simple Transformers Library, Selenium Webdriver, Numpy, Pandas ,Matplotlib, Scikit, Wordcloud, NLTK, requests, genism, seaborn, Google Colab

Soft skills:

• Touched base with a few team members through groups to gauge my progress and also learn how far our team is in consolidating everything into our final project.


• I tried to find the best language model that played nice with the Drowned dataset. This was largely done manually.