Project Challenges

The primary challenges that we faced:

  • Ramping up on new technologies
    None of the team members had prior experience with Google Cloud Platform or any of the Visualization Tools. Only two of the team members and the mentor were familiar with web application projects and databases. There was a big learning curve for all team members.

  • Getting started as a team
    A few of the student members knew each other before. For the most part, members were collaborating for the first time together. Team mebers were also on different schedules, the task dependencies had to take care of individual schedules.

  • Process
    None of the student team members had prior experience with working on all stages of a project or task management. Everyone took time to practice with the new tools and communicate often in meetings and on Asana.

    Hence, it took until the end of Stage 4 to get everyone on the same page about the project requirements and individual responsibilities.

    Once the ball was rolling in Stage 5 and 6 there were technical hurdles along the way. These hurdles were more representative of hurdles faced in an internship project.

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