Project Overview - Bioinformatics Workflow

Modules open to Hybrid-Bootcamp subscribers and Virtual-Internship applicants

Reference paper: Identification of and enriched pathways in lung cancer using bioinformatics analysis

Data: GSE19804

Recommended Prerequisites

  • AP Biology or higher (specifically genetics)
  • Beginner experience with R, Python, or an equivalent statistical language

Technical Objectives

  • Introduction to bioinformatics and the different types of -omics data
    • Application of the basic pipeline used in large-scale data analysis: data collection, QC, statistical analysis, and functional interpretation of results
    • Learning how to work through a coherent workflow and interpret output results and relate them to biological problems
  • Learning the basics of RStudio and R programming
    • Introduction to Bioconductor and packages used in transcriptomics data analysis relevant to the above-mentioned pipeline
    • Learning how to troubleshoot in R and read R documentation
  • Using free, public bioinformatics tools used for functional analysis of transcriptomics results

Soft Skills Objectives

  • Reading and understanding scientific papers
  • Project management
  • Virtual collaboration and teamwork
  • Technical presentation
  • Time management and much more
  • Leadership & mentoring (student leads)