Project Resources

Project Resources: Installation of Workspace

1. Install Local Instance of Discourse for Development

Installation on macOS

Installation on Ubuntu

Installation on Windows 10

2. Install Plugins on Local Instance of Discourse

Plug-in Installation (from Jeremy Osborne)

Plug-ins used on STEM-Away Forum (from Priyanka G.)

Project Resources: Discourse-specific Resources

Great tips for getting started (from James, the industry mentor)

Getting familiar with the Discourse Stack (Webinar from James, the industry mentor)

Student resources for Developing plugins (from James, the industry mentor)

Paul Nicholson’s Discourse Setup Playlist (from Sai)

Adding a modal pop-up (from Vrinda, a Webinar from Industry mentor James)

Project Resources: Other Helpful Resources

Front-end: HTML/CSS & JavaScript and Bootstrap4

Visuals: Icons (from Jade)

Bootstrap 4

HTML/CSS & JavaScript

Ruby, PostgresSQL, and Ember.js

Useful Resources for StemAway FS (from Tam)

Codecademy Ruby Cheat Sheet (from Solomon)

Ruby Video Course (from Solomon,

Introduction to Ruby (from Vrinda, Webinar from Industry mentor James)

Ember.js Video Guide (from Solomon, Program With Erik)

Git and Github

Git webinar (from Priyanka, STEM-Away Webinar)

Git and GitHub for Poets (from Sion, The Coding Train)


AWS Training

Discourse setup using AWS (from Sai)

Thanks for consolidating all the resources. Great job, I appreciate it. There are couple of other videos from my side as well.

Sion had this list in the Team 2 channel. I have moved it here to help the incoming FS students.

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@Sai_Likhith_K Thank you! If you could send me those resources I will add that here.

Thanks @ddas for moving it here. We are actually working on a a shared Google drive resources also

Excellent. Thanks Sai!

Hello Everyone. This is Discourse installation video. This not only deals with installation but also with debugging.

Known issues: This video is about Beginners’ guide to installing discourse on ubuntu along with Debugging.

Follow the link at :

Step by step. Now we can try debugging at every step.

There are 6 places things can go wrong.

  1. Dependencies are not installed properly.

Cause: These are because of the old version of dependencies installed.

Solution: You can individually install dependencies as per future requirements.

  1. Bundle installs not working.

Cause: This is because either of the

→ Dependencies issue or that

→ You installed dependencies in a different user than this

→ You have not entered into discourse repository after cloning


→ Install required dependencies manually

→ Remember to use the same user for entire installation process.

→ cd discourse

  1. Bundle rake create, bundle migrate error

Cause: This happens because of the mistake of not executing some commands while copy-pasting multiple commands

Solution: Execute one by one command rather than the entire set of commands

  1. Bundle rec exec auto spec error

Cause: This happens because that discourse clone is newer than auto spec configuration.

Solution: Ignore this step and go for the next step. It is just a warning.

  1. Couldn’t start discourse after installation

Cause: This is because of which we forgot to create the admin account

Solution: execute the rails_env= budle rails create:admin command

The document created by @Sai_Likhith_K and me might come in handy for Discourse installation on Ubuntu and Mac Machines.

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thank you guys! I will add these resources in our closed group documentation as well.

Hello Everyone. This is a length video but all-in-one video for AWS introduction and Overview and Discourse setup on AWS using docker

Overview: This video will help in understanding basics of

  • Regions Vs Availability Zones
  • AWS Paid features Vs Free-tier eligibility
  • AWS Global services Vs Local Services
  • Networking IP protocols
  • Subnetting
  • AWS VPC overview (Virtual Private Cloud)
  • AWS Security Groups
  • AWS RDS (Relational Database Service)
  • AWS EC2 Setup (Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • SMTP Usage (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
  • AWS SES (Sample Email Service) service
  • Docker Usage
  • Installation of Discourse on AWS using Docker containers
  • Configuration of Docker
  • Debugging the app.yml config file
  • Tweaking and viewing the analytics on the Discourse using Admin account

Resources used: Installation guide Required

Understanding the Manual configuration of docker (Knowledge purpose)

Video URL:

Thanks, Sai Likhith K

Hey @SkimMilk05, I would suggest you to add tags to this post so that when people search with terms like “webinar”, “project”, “resources” “ruby”, “discourse” etc., this link appears and help them.

Noted! I have tagged this post

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All in one documentation for installation and debugging: