Quality Control and Data Visualization AUGUSTINE AMAKIRI

Concise Overview of things learned
I learned how to select and download files from GEO including metadata. I also learned how to import the same files into R. Beside downloading and importing files, I learned how to use different R packages for quality control and these tools for this week’s deliverables. I learned how to perform PCA unaided and to cluster my heat-maps according to groups.

Tools used:
ggplot2, Pheamap, etc
Soft skills:
I learned to communicate and collaborate with my teammates.
Three Achievement this week:
Downloaded and set up Git on my laptop. Created my first repository as well as my first pull and push request. I also learned how to perform PCA.
Record of meetings attended:
I attended the webinar, office hour, group meeting, and the presentation.
Goals for this week
To attend the Git and Github webinar,
to attend office hour and to complete this week’s deliverables
A detailed statement of the task done.
I complete this week’s tasks/deliverables although I struggled with batch correction because the instruction oh how to create a model matrix was not crystal to me. thanks to the task lead’s I figured it out.

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For this week we worked on functional analysis of our data. During this period I have learnt a great deal about interfacing with different databases from R. Some of the skills I learnt while working on this project has been applied directly on my research project. As the team lead for this week, we organized coding sessions within our group and ensured that every member of the group was carried along. Personal I learnt how to take responsibility and initiative as a leader. Unfortunately I could only attend one of the office hours this week because most of them were clashing with other engagements on my calendar but I will watch the recordings. I have attachment one of the plots I created for your view