R Basics. Host: Yves Gaetan, Resident R Expert at STEM-Away

NOTE: You will not have access to the files linked in the PDFs. Accessible file links have been included in the forum posts. They precede the PDF and are labelled with the word Data. I tried to catch all the files you’ll need to complete the demos, but if I missed one, let me know! Send me a PM with a link to the inaccessible file and the STEM-Away forum post with the PDF.


  • Introduction to R and RStudio
  • R syntax and data structures
  • Functions and arguments
  • Data wrangling


Introduction to R and RStudio

01_Intro-to-R.pdf (915.4 KB)

R syntax and Data Structures

02_syntax_and_data_structures.pdf (443.6 KB)

Functions and Arguments

03_functions-and-arguments.pdf (440.9 KB)

Data Wrangling

Data: mouse_exp_design.csv 04_data-wrangling.pdf (314.3 KB)