Rethinking AI Interaction: Beyond the Chatbot

Rethinking AI Interaction: Beyond the Chatbot


Anthony Liao & Steffi Schron, STEM-Away® UX Mentors


We invite you to redefine AI interaction. Our challenge is simple yet potentially game-changing: propose an alternative design to the traditional AI chatbot. Think outside the box, and consider interfaces and experiences that push the boundaries of how users interact with AI.

We encourage you to let your creativity and technical skills shine. The goal of this challenge is to rethink and redesign AI interaction in a way that is engaging, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Key Considerations

  • What different forms can an AI interaction take, outside of the traditional chatbot model?
  • How can we design these interactions to be more intuitive and user-friendly?
  • How can we make these interactions engaging and enjoyable, while still serving a useful purpose?
  • How can these designs accommodate various user needs, preferences, and abilities?


Open to UX-UI enthusiasts, AI enthusiasts, and anyone else interested in reimagining the way we interact with AI. Individuals and teams are welcome to participate.

Cost of Entry

12 Tacks


July 7th 2023 (Submissions open on June 20th)

Submission Requirements

Submit a proposal that clearly describes your alternative AI interaction concept. This could be in the form of a document, a low-fidelity prototype, a presentation, or any other medium that effectively communicates your ideas and designs. Your proposal should address the key considerations listed above.

Judging Criteria

Proposals will be judged on creativity, originality, feasibility, the extent to which they push the boundaries of traditional AI interactions, and how well they meet user needs and preferences.


  • Project Realization Prize: The winning design will have the unique opportunity to be brought to life by a dedicated team of STEM-Away trained interns. This is your chance to see your groundbreaking AI interaction concept turn into a real, functional prototype.

  • Platform and Social Media Showcase Prize: Your inventive design will not only be highlighted on our STEM-Away® platform, but also shared across our various social media channels. This dual exposure provides a unique opportunity to earn recognition within the AI and UX communities, amplifying your visibility and potentially leading to exciting networking and professional opportunities.

  • Certificate of Achievement: Winners will receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement from STEM-Away®. Whether you’re using it to bolster your resume, as a talking point in an interview, or to showcase on your LinkedIn profile, this certificate is a testament to your innovative thinking, technical skillset, and commitment to impacting the future of tech.

By winning these prizes, you will not only have the satisfaction of seeing your ideas materialize, but also receive the recognition and exposure that can open up many exciting avenues in the AI and UX fields.