Rewards Await: Engage with Projects, Share Our Vision, Help Shape Our Community's Direction

:rocket: Limited Time Opportunities! :rocket:

Unlock Premium Packages:

  1. Interactive Code-Alongs: Dive into any project within the AI Project Engine. Engage by adding insightful questions, constructive feedback, or share your unique insights. Simply click the Code-Along link at the bottom of each project post and then enter your reply. Earn recognition by gathering 5+ votes!

  2. Social Share Challenge: Help us grow! Share our link on your college subreddit and show your support. Don’t forget to send a screenshot to @stemaway as proof of your effort.

  3. Mentor Showcase: Have expertise to share? Post in the Mentor Showcase section and captivate the community. Achieve 10+ votes and stand out as a thought leader!

  4. Weekly Leaderboard: Be one of the top 5 active users of the week and earn exclusive perks. Your active participation sets the pace for our community!

  5. Technical Glitch Rewards: Encounter a snag with our AI tools? Report any technical issue at this link and contribute to improving our platform.

  6. Project Voting: Use our AI Project Engine to generate exciting projects and gather 10+ votes to enhance your influence!

We do periodic checks to reward students. You may also send a message to @stemaway to claim an immediate reward if you have achieved any of the above! Check out the Premium Package details at

And of course, the regular rewards still hold:

Unlock exceptional rewards with STEM-Away’s unique reward system, designed to celebrate your contributions, engagement, and outreach. Through participation and collaboration, you’ll earn STEM-Away® tacks, which are central to accessing these rewards.

:rocket: Three Ways to Earn Rewards:

  1. Group Reward Scheme: Join our flexible reward program, which scales based on university group size. The more who join, the bigger the rewards. Early university groups reaching milestones can earn additional tacks, leading to even greater rewards. Discover the full potential of group engagement here.

  2. Community Badges & Additional Savings: Our platform thrives on community engagement. Share our vision, earn community badges, and amass a generous number of tacks. Your proactive outreach is highly valued and rewarded, details below.

  3. Skill-Builder Project Participation & Rewards: Influence the evolution of our Skill-Builder Projects by voting, suggesting research papers to replicate, tools to explore, etc. Your outstanding contributions are rewarded with tacks, details below.

:key: Community Badges & Rewards

Earn exceptional rewards by engaging with our community and earning badges! Your efforts in sharing our vision through Nice Share, Good Share, and Great Share badges play a pivotal role in our outreach.

To participate, simply share posts from our t3: College & Early Career, t3: High School Edition, or any other category that resonates with you.

Remember to use the Share button located at the bottom of each post for your clicks to be tracked. Directly sharing a URL does not track your clicks. We deeply value and appreciate your support in promoting STEM-Away’s mission and programs!

Please note that winning tacks at one reward level will not result in additional tacks for earning more badges at that same level. However, earning badges at higher levels will still be valid and can earn you more tacks.

Here’s all the ways you can maximize your rewards:

:tada: Unlock Exceptional Rewards: Earn 100 tacks + Standard Plan

Badge Name Description
Nice Share Shared a post with 25 unique visitors
Nice Reply Received 10 upvotes on a reply
Nice Topic Received 10 upvotes on a topic
Popular Link Shared a highly visited link
Appreciated Received 1 upvote on 20 posts
New User of the Month Outstanding contributions in their first month

:tada: Supercharge Your Rewards: Earn 120 tacks + Premium Plan

Badge Name Description
Good Share Shared a post with 300 unique visitors
Good Reply Received 25 upvotes on a reply
Good Topic Received 25 upvotes on a topic
Hot Link Posted an external link with 300 clicks
Respected Received 2 upvotes on 100 posts
Campaigner Invited 3 basic users

:tada: The Ultimate Deal: Earn 145 tacks + Premium Plan + Exclusive Chat Session with the STEM-Away Team

Badge Name Description
Great Share Shared a post with 1000 unique visitors
Great Reply Received 50 upvotes on a reply
Great Topic Received 50 upvotes on a topic
Famous Link Posted an external link with 1000 clicks
Admired Received 5 upvotes on 300 posts
Champion Invited 5 members

Dive into the community, contribute, and earn badges to unlock these fantastic rewards!

:star: Skill-Builder Projects & Reward Opportunities

Explore project descriptions and cast your vote for the ones that grab your attention (opens May 1st, 2024). But don’t stop at voting; enrich the discussion by suggesting research papers to replicate, tools to explore, or other innovative ideas. Reply to individual project posts in the Code-Along Discussion category. Your insights, suggestions, and votes are key to shaping our focus and effectively allocating mentorship resources.

Your active participation not only influences our project direction but also earns you numerous spot rewards.