Self-Assessments - the critical component of your internship

Where and when do I post my self-assessment?

  • Self-assessments are due by end of day Tuesday.
  • 1st self-assessment: Each team member creates a topic in this category: Self-Assessments (uncategorized) - STEM-Away®. Note: Interns in the modular-internship program- please use this category.
  • You can use any topic title. You can just say self-assessment or you can be as creative as you want.
  • Upload the URL of your self-assessment to your dashboard. Use the direct link sent to you. Or visit and login using the email you shared in your application form.
  • Subsequent self-assessments are added as replies to the created topic.

This topic evolves into the STEM-Away Virtual-Internship Certificate. Put in their best efforts!

What do I cover in a self-assessment?

This format is used in several companies and helps to track progress and set goals for the next sprint.

  • Concise overview of things learned. Break it up into Technical Area, Tools, Soft Skills
  • Three achievement highlights
  • Goals for the upcoming week.
  • Detailed statement of tasks done. State each task, hurdles faced if any and how you solved the hurdle.

What tags should I use for the self-assessment topic?

Tags are used to represent skills on the STEM-Away platform. All STEM-Away tools (hiring, career recommendations, networking etc) are developed around tags.

Since the self-assessment covers the whole internship, you should pick the top 5 skills that you wish to highlight. There is a limit of 5 tags per topic. You can use Project Challenges and other categories to showcase all the work you have done.

From my address to students during the winter pre-training sprint (Dec 2020-Feb 2021)

I know it is a new concept for all of you and may seem intimidating and/or unexciting. It is however an important part of the selection process for the internships, the virtual-internships themselves, and your future careers.

And believe it or not, you will start enjoying writing the self-assessments :slight_smile: You are about to embark upon an intense journey, the self-assessments will give you a sense of satisfaction about your achievements and also help you plan ahead.

There is always a delay between the time I wish to write a post and when I actually get to do so. I had wanted to write this note when I saw a couple of good self-assessments - Aryan and Hannah. Three things they got right:

  • There is a personal touch, their self-assessments include a bit of a story.
  • The write-up is concise.
  • Presentation (formatting, arrangement of sections) is very well done.

@ddas the first self assessment is due Tuesday 15/06?

The first week is optional.

Thank you for the kind words @ddas! However, I do have one question about these. Do I have to do self-assessments for the modules I already did in December, again?

You do need to create a new topic here since the certificates are going to be linked to self-assessments in this category. Feel free to copy-paste the technical parts. And just add the parts related to working in a team.

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