Skill-Builder Projects vs. Virtual Internship Pathways - Compare and Contrast!

2024 Spotlight: AI Explorations

  • Begin with Skill-Builder Projects at AI Project Engine. Explore Tech-Driven, Domain-Specific and Introductory Explorations.
  • Applications for Virtual-Internships—solo, custom teams, or STEM-Away Teams—are now open. Apply today!

Skill-Builder Projects vs. Virtual Internship Pathways

Feature Skill-Builder Projects Virtual-Internship Projects
Collaboration Type Individual Team
Project Origin Industry-aligned projects created by mentors or users via AI Project Engine Expansions of Skill-Builder Projects
Selection Process Open Based on evaluation of Skill-Builder Project performance
Mentorship Online Resources & AI Mentor; Live Mentor Intervention for Complex Issues Online Resources & AI Mentor; Scheduled milestone reviews with live Mentor Guidance
Project Scope Fixed, with a focus on skill acquisition Expansive, simulating real-world scenarios
Outcome Skill certification Portfolio-worthy project completion
Commitment None Commitment to team
Duration Flexible, self-paced Fixed duration with milestones
Soft Skills Development None Unique opportunity to build & showcase: teamwork, leadership, communication …
STEM-Away® Badges No Yes
Peer Endorsement No Yes