Starter Projects launching on June 20th 2023

  • The projects listed below are now available on the Starter Project Portal.
  • During the week of June 20th, mentor meetings will primarily discuss the projects highlighted in bold.
  • Starter Projects are crafted to familiarize you with skills that are relevant in the industry. Additionally, they double as training platforms before you embark on your internships.
  • As we gather your initial feedback, we’ll continue to add more starter projects.
  • We suggest that if you’re just starting out, you should begin with the projects marked with :beginner:


Starter Project Description
GEOQuest/ Bioconductor-Intro :beginner: Introduction to the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database, equipping learners with the skills to efficiently search, download, and analyze gene expression data. By incorporating R and Bioconductor, participants can parallelly implement the steps performed in GEO2R using their own code, empowering them to explore and interpret gene expression data in various biological contexts.
TranscriptomicsQC Learn quality control of transcriptomics data: evaluate, correct errors, and filter probes/reads. This starter project focuses on microarray data quality control for beginners, with RNA-seq quality control for experienced learners.

Full Stack and Machine Learning

Starter Project Description
AWS WebApp/ API Explorer/ GPT Exploration Build a web application that leverages the OpenAI GPT API to interpret and explain code snippets. Gain experience with API integration, serverless architecture on AWS, and front-end development using React for a user-friendly interface.
ReactElements Provides a basic understanding of React, a popular front-end library for building user interfaces. Learners will explore the use of React components, props, and state to build simple web applications.

Machine Learning

Starter Project Description
Classifiers & Recommenders Involves the construction of a Natural Language Processing (NLP) pipeline, empowering learners to transform textual data into numerical representations, develop proficient text classification models, and construct basic recommendation systems using OpenAI’s embedding APIs and various Python libraries.
WebScrapper DataDive :beginner: Involves an immersive journey into data collection and analysis, where learners transform real-world, unstructured data into insightful knowledge through Python-based web scraping, processing, and exploratory analysis.
Dual NLP: GPT API & spaCy In this project, you’ll delve into Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text summarization using the GPT API. You’ll implement a hybrid summarization approach, gaining hands-on experience with Hybrid NLP to generate concise summaries. This project will help you enhance your NLP skills and learn to utilize the GPT API effectively.


Starter Project Description
PersonaPlay :beginner: Embark on a journey into UX Research, emphasizing interview skills, while exploring the realm of AI-powered code assistants. Conduct insightful user interviews to understand needs and challenges, guiding the design of these AI tools. Completion of this project opens various paths: pursuing a UX-focused trajectory or leveraging research findings for publications/ projects beyond the UX domain.