STEM-Away® Project Management Award (Isha)


Pathway: Bioinformatics

Exceeded industry level standards on project management! Along with strong contributions on the technical side as well.

Snapshot of the Bioinformagic Calendar: (Meetings for the week are entered on Sunday)

And a snapshot of the Bioinformatics Drive:

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Thank you so much Debaleena! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m truly honored and I can’t wait to continue working with the wonderful Bioinformatics leads to create an amazing experience for everyone!!

Excellent work @Isha!
I would love if you could share a few project management tips. I am currently a UX Lead but will be joining the Bioinformatics Pathway for Session 2!

Hey @Sarahrp! Great to have you on the Bioinformatics team next session! I’d love to share a few of the tips I’ve learned, feel free to send me a message so we can chat some more :grin:

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@isha Amazing!!
I’m not from BI but I could take a few tips for product management.

Hi @Vrinda_Jain! Always happy to help - feel free to shoot me a message so we can chat :grin:

@Isha This is beautiful! How can I make this work for my personal life?!? :wink:


Haha I’d definitely love to show you sometime, but only if you share some of your LinkedIn knowledge with me! :joy: