STEM-Away® Technical Training Award (Yves)


Pathway: Bioinformatics

Entry: R Training for Bioinformatics Pathway

An end-to-end compact training created to introduce students to R packages and functions used in a Bioinformatics Workflow


Thank you so much @ddas! This means a lot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are very welcome Yves!

I had spent some time studying the feedback of participants after the first week of the session. Many students mentioned the R training as one of the positive experiences.

So, I decided to do the training myself. A compact training that covers many of the key aspects. The perfect training to get Bioinformaticians started!

@yvesgaetan I have heard such great feedback about your training!! Unlike @ddas I am not going to do the training myself but you are doing amazing work and making life easier for your fellow students. (All signs of a terrific leader!)

Thank you so much @Stephanie! :relaxed: Soon or later I’m going to convince you to learn R (and to do the trainings) :joy: :smile: