Summer 2022: Questions regarding your application

Thank you for submitting your application! Regular applications are now closed, you have been added to the waiting list. You will be considered only if you complete the evaluation explained in the readme of your project.

Next Steps

  • Complete the evaluation for your selected project. Get help from online modules and the training videos available in Discussion Board.

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What technical requirements for the NLP projects?

Hi Sophia, the applicant dashboard will show 2 sets of skills for the project selected

  • Skills that you will gain in the internship (this is also covered in the projects link shared earlier)
  • Skills that will be used in the evaluation process

We are working on getting the dashboard up soon. For each project, you will need to demonstrate intermediate+ level of proficiency in the programming language used in the project and beginner+ level in some of the core concepts.

We will send out a note to all applicants when the dashboard is up.

Hello @ddas ,can we change our roles in future?

Hi Sreeya, Yes!

A link to your applicant dashboard will be available shortly.

  • You can use the dashboard to edit your choice of project and/or role until the end of April.
  • If you have selected a lead role but do not meet the prerequisites, you will automatically be considered for a participant role.
  • The dashboard can also be used to withdraw your application.

Hello , I have submitted my application but I don’t have a link to the dashboard. Have the links been sent ? Thanks

Hi, Not yet. The link will be sent via email and we will announce it here as well.

Hello @ddas ! Where can see my application status?

Hi @Debamitra, the application status can be seen in your dashboard. Click on your profile and then the left-most icon (see image below). I will send out email to all applicants shortly with next steps.


@ddas Thank you.

Will there be opportunity to carry out project

Hi Kayode, are you asking if you are guaranteed a position in the teams? While we don’t guarantee a position, we will provide you with all the resources and training needed to qualify for the internships in June. Qualification is based on results of the evaluations.

@ddas what does PM lead mean?

Hi @Nawaal , take a look at Mentor Chains® Lead Roles - Eligibility, Skills Gained, Responsibilities - Virtual-Internships - STEM-Away®

Hello @ddas On my dashboard it says, Calendly link has been sent for training ? Has it been sent to my email ?

Yes, email used in application

Hello @ddas, Thank you for your reply. I want to attend the information session but I have a conflict on June 6th. Will you be adding more sessions or will a recording be available ?

Hello. The Calendly link in the email I was sent goes to a page that is not found.

Hello @ddas. I registered for the training sessions through Calendly, but I didn’t find zoom links to these sessions on the Calendly. May I know where I could get these meeting links? Thanks.

Hi Skuld, The link will be sent to all registered participants. We are waiting to see how many people register. If it is less than 25, we will use meeting, else webinar.