Team and Module Details

Team Structure

  • Project Lead (1)
  • Technical Lead (1)
  • Project Management Lead (1)
  • Participants (6-9)

Note: Depending on the interests of leads, some teams may have 2 Co-Project Leads and 1 Project Management Lead or any other such combination.

Modules are defined by:

  • Parent Project
  • Description of work
  • Prerequisites/ Learning Resources
  • Starter code or other asset to keep the flow from the previous module
  • Tools and Libraries
  • Technical Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Badges
  • Challenges
  • Dates
  • Invited Experts

Note: If teams wish to explore new directions, you have our full support. We will do our best to provide the guidance and resources needed!

Note: The details of modules shared is a dynamic link to our Project Framework Airtable, our updates will get reflected in the posts.

Modules include:

  • A mentor-led kick-off meeting
  • Office Hours to help with issues related to module tasks/ deliverables
  • Presentation or other form of showcasing of significant achievements

Note: The bulk of the time will be spent working with your team, details of team collaboration will be set by team leads. The 3 events mentioned above will be at fixed times. These events are optional but you are strongly encouraged to attend to get the most out of the program.


Hi, thanks for the information! I am a little confused about the project. In my profile, it says the pathway is “Machine learning with Cloud computing”. However, the project is “Exploration of Machine Learning Algorithms in Bioinformatics”. So I was wondering which pathway should I look through? Since I saw “Machine Learning”, “Cloud computing”, and “Bioinformatics” are under different pathway Guide, and context of those models are different from each other. STEM-Away® Thank you very much!

Hi Sunnie,

Take a look at Exploration of Machine Learning applications in Bioinformatics (ML2). Click on Module 1 in the Airtable, it has a list of learning resources. Our mentors are working to create such lists for all modules.

Thanks for the feedback. I have done the following changes as well, hope these help.

  1. Topic titles have been changed to the project name. We will use the project name as the primary identifier.

  2. Projects have been updated to reflect the primary domain involved. As an example, “Exploration of Machine Learning Algorithms in Bioinformatics” is primarily Machine Learning. The application is in the domain of Bioinformatics. And given the amount of data involved, it will require the usage of Cloud Computing tools.

The Pathway Hubs currently have a 1-1 match with Level 1 Projects only.

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Quick Question, where can I find more information about the responsibilities of different roles: participant, tech lead, project lead, etc?

Thank you.

Category: Applications - STEM-Away®
Specifically, this topic: Summer 2021: Explanation of Mentor Chains® Lead Roles

It’s for mentors. Is there one for mentees or the students participating in the project as technical lead, etc?

Did you read the topic? If you have read the topic and you still have questions, please let me know.

Sorry. Yes, I read it again and I think I understand now but I still have 1 quick question: If you sign up for project lead or program management for UX level 1 project for example, essentially you won’t be doing the UX with other ppl but only do the program management roles or is it on top of UX work that you’d be doing program management role?

Thank you

No worries. And good question. We strongly encourage all leads to be part of the project. However, there were a couple of leads last summer who wanted to focus solely on the Project Management part and that is fine.

Most leads will be working on technical skills as well as leadership skills. The STEM-Away mentors will guide them. And the student leads use this guidance to lead their individual teams. That is the Mentor Chains in a nutshell.


I am not sure if this is the right thread to ask this question. But is there any way the project assigned to me can be changed?

I have been added as Project Management Lead but the project assigned to me also involves Bioinformatics ( ML & BI ) which I am not at all familiar with so would it be possible if I am assigned an ML-based project. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks :smiley:

Thank you. That makes everything very clear. Once students request a new role as a lead, when can they expect to see the change? Will students get notified of the change via email? Also, I know that lead roles had a separate mandatory meeting already held according on email announcement. If students join late as a lead, is there a second meeting to catch up?

Hi Deepika, Yes, you can make the change via your dashboard, use the “edit” button.

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Great, glad that helped. We are reviewing requests as they come in. You should hear from us almost immediately if session 1. And within a couple of weeks even if session 2.

Thank you for your answer. Mine currently shows “Accepted Status in Lead Position Decision pending interview” I am just wondering if I need to do an interview to get the lead position and what the interview will be about. How I could prepare for it

It is more of a chat than an interview. I want to make sure that every lead understands the program, I do a quick evaluation of strengths and weaknesses so that we can support you better and it is a chance for me to get to know each one of you personally and ensure that a lead position really resonates with you!

The leads play a big role during the internship as well as in Demo Day/ Recruitment Hackathon. In your case, this thread shows me that you have understood the program, that you have the ability to ask the right questions and more. I have changed your status to lead. However, when I send out the meeting invite for Session 2 leads, book one slot so that we can have a short intro chat.

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