The Student Voice: Seeking Entries

We want to hear about your STEM-Away experience. Please enter your blogs in this channel.

The STEM-Away® Student Voice with editing by Molly Huggins:

We will pick top posts and have a professional editor, Molly Huggins, suggest improvements. Molly is a great person to work with, it will be an incredible learning experience! After the editing is complete, we will do an official showcase of your blog.

Currently, we have invited:

  • @AlexG5353 to write about his experience participating in the virtual-internship program while holding a full-time job

  • @Neda_Sal, @Sarahrp and @Melissa to write about individual experience + the networking aspect of the platform (how they are working together to prepare for lead positions in the July session).

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I would also be interested in writing a post on Medium about my STEM-Away experience. Is there any specific direction topic you would want me to cover?

Hi Katyayani, I would love to have you participate. You can cover your experience as an international lead, we get many queries related to that.

There is one interesting story angle specific to your case. Given the fact that you came in with a solid UX background, did the project enhance your technical knowledge? Did you learn some technical aspects that you had not covered in your degree? Aspects that can only be learned from an experience like this.

Suggesting a few topics that are of interest to us:

  • Coming out of your comfort zone
  • Your expectations coming into the program and what you are discovering now

Sending out a few more invites:

@egunduz, @annieanand: how this experience (leading large teams, restructuring on-the-fly) is helping you with your entrepreneurship goals

@anubhav15129 (can be co-authored with any member of your team): the experience of leading a team that embodies the essence of STEM-Away: passion for STEM, team work, strong work ethics

@ernclb The challenges of leading a team with a wide range of experiences. How do you make it work?

Send me a DM if you are interested so that I can schedule the required time with Molly. Let me know a rough time frame of when you will have the blog ready for editing.

Hi @ddas I would be interested! I’m a bit swamped this week, but can probably work on this next weekend. Is there an approx length etc.?

@annieanand Next weekend is absolutely fine! I will keep this open all summer. But as more people start writing, it may take time to finish the editing step (it will depend on Molly’s availability). Looking forward to reading your blog :slight_smile:

Hey @ddas, I would love to share my experience as well.

I was thinking I could talk about working across the world, in almost opposite timezones.

Is there something else you think I should cover in specific.

Yeah I will definitely cover the aspects mentioned! Thanks for the guidance @ddas!

@vrinda, you are very welcome to contribute!

I’ll definitely be working on my blurb this entire week. I’m excited to be able to provide some guidance to future STEM-Awayers.

@AlexG5353: Your contribution is appreciated! There are many students who have graduated without the chance to really explore/ try out STEM areas. Our goal is to have the virtual-internship platform work for them too!

@ddas I would be glad to share my experience and thoughts on the topic. I am little busy this week but I will definitely get to it next week!

Sure Anubhav! No hurry!

I would love to talk about my experience as well @ddas.
I will come back to edit this post as soon as I have written the review.