Virtual-Internships for Summer 2022

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Is STEM-Away® for me?

Our mission is to help students become work-ready with industry-critical technical and soft skills and connect students with companies.

  • Are you curious about new technologies? Are you passionate about problem solving?

  • Do you wish to experience the thrill of embracing ambiguity? Do you love a dash of creativity? And a dash of challenge?

  • Do you wish to master the art of teamwork and asking questions? Do you wish to grow your STEM network?

  • Do you wish to take a solid first step towards becoming a future STEM leader?

If you replied yes to all of the above, you will be a good fit. Join us!

The Mentor Chains® structure is architected to accommodate students of varying experience levels. Majority of our students are undergrads. But we have also have graduate students and high school students.

Our alumni have secured jobs and internships in top companies including Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, NASA and many more. And our younger alumni have been accepted into many top colleges including Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Yale.

In 2022, we are separating out the training and teamwork phases of a project. If you are joining with incoming skills, you may directly join the teams in the capstone project/ portfolio-building phase (3 weeks).

STEM-Away® Programs

We are running two programs this year. The project frameworks are the same for both programs. You can participate in one or both programs based on your background and schedule.


  • Selective admission, evaluation based on self-rating, challenges and mentor feedback
  • Teamwork with specific time commitment
  • Mentor sessions - as needed
  • Requires you to take initiative and be comfortable asking questions.


  • Get access to all projects with one low price - $164.99! Mentor sessions are scheduled weekly at set times. Access to self-paced online modules and career development events is for the full calendar year.
  • Start at your own pace, learn from industry driven curriculum delivered via online modules
  • Ready for bootcamps? Mentor sessions schedule is available here.
  • Opportunity to shadow virtual-internship teams. And get selected to join capstone project / portfolio-building phase .
  • Use discount code: 25April to get 25% off during the month of April. Learn more.

Which program is right for me?

Are you comfortable with the basic principles of your selected pathway?

  • If so, you can apply directly to the virtual-internship program.
  • If not, you can use the hybrid-bootcamps (or any external resource) as a directed learning option. Participants who have completed at least 3 modules by June end will be given priority in the virtual-internship application process.
  • If you were referred by a friend/ colleague or counselor, please enter their details in the application form. We value applicants who have some knowledge about the program.

Are you interested in the virtual-internships but need a more flexible program to acquire new skills and be visible to hiring managers?

  • If so, our hybrid-bootcamps give you the opportunity to learn, get access to top mentors, showcase your STEM portfolio and join a vibrant STEM community!

A detailed comparison of the two programs is available here.

Summary of 2022 Changes

  • Projects will have 2 independent phases - Training Phase and Teamwork Phase. If you are joining with incoming skills, you may skip the training phase and directly join the teams in the execution/ portfolio-building phase.
  • A technical evaluation process will augment the self-assessment based evaluation. Two tiers of teams (Power Teams & Exploration Teams) will be formed based on evaluation results.
  • Networking and recruiting features will be launched this summer.

Virtual-Internship Application Steps

  • Login or create account.
  • Familiarize yourself with the program details if you have not done so already. You can either visit the static landing page . Or for a more interactive experience, check out the topics in the Virtual-Internship category.
  • Make sure that you spend enough time to find a project that interests you.
  • Use this application form to apply.
  • Complete the evaluation for your selected project when notified. Evaluation of technical and soft skills will be coordinated via the applicant dashboard.


  • A link to your applicant dashboard is now available. Click on your profile pic and then the left-most icon.
  • If you have selected a lead role but do not meet the prerequisites, you will automatically be considered for a participant role.
  • Wish to edit or withdraw your application. Use this topic.

The Buzz about STEM-Away®

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STEM-Away Testimonials


Do you know students who maybe interested in the program? We value applicants who are referred by STEM-Away members.

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