Virtual-Internships - Overview

Summer 2024 Now Open: Turn Career Passion into Growth

Who are the Virtual-Internships For?

For College Students and Junior Professionals

  • Integrate academic knowledge with real-world applications. Lead and collaborate on projects to gain invaluable industry insights and showcase your adaptability and leadership potential. Note: High school juniors and seniors may apply but acceptance is strictly evaluation-based.

For STEM Professionals & Teams

  • Observe vibrant junior talent from the comfort of your front row seat, free from the logistical hassles of traditional internships. Our inclusive approach helps you discover fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

Key Features & Unique Functionalities

Mentor Chains®

  • Benefit from our unique mentorship model. STEM-Away® mentors guide intern leads, who in turn mentor their teams, creating a cascading effect that enriches leadership skills.

Customizable Internship Experience

  • Customize your internship experience whether you are part of our STEM-Away Teams , which offers structured collaborations, or Solo/Own Teams , which provides autonomy to set your own pace and team dynamics.

Automated Team Formation

  • Come here to build your team. This option is ideal for those who prefer to be strategically matched based on Skill-Builder Project evaluations, creating a community deeply integrated into STEM. Alternatively, participants can choose to work solo or bring their own pre-formed teams if they seek more independence or have existing collaborations they wish to continue.

Targeted Pre-Internship Training

  • Experience targeted pre-internship training that prepares you with the foundational skills needed for your chosen area. This unique preparation phase is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills before you ‘reach for the stars’ in your internship, ensuring you are well-prepared to maximize your learning and impact.

Showcasing to Companies

  • Leverage the 1-Click® Resume feature to effortlessly highlight your achievements. Exclusive demo days provide a platform to impress potential employers directly.

Cost & Plan Details

  • Premium features on the platform can be accessed using tacks, which can be earned through active participation or included within certain plans. Specifically, access to the STEM-Away Mentorship feature as part of the AI Project Engine requires purchasing a plan. These plans start at $18 for 90 tacks and not only provide tacks but also grant exclusive access to the STEM-Away Mentorship Category. Visit

Get Started with Your Virtual-Internships Journey

  1. Start with SkopeAI for insights into job market dynamics.
  2. Engage with the AI Project Engine to upskill and prepare for your virtual internship.
  3. Explore past student achievements to visualize potential trajectories.
  4. Read The Student Voice for firsthand accounts of transformative experiences.
  5. Fill in the application forms and shape your future in STEM!
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