Week of June 6th at a glance

2022 Applicants: Please check the readme section of your selected project to get started. Use the calendly link shared there to see meeting times in your timezone and register for events. Use the zoom link to join events.

Click on your project to locate the readme for the project.

Week of June 6th at a glance:

Please note: recording is restricted to the instruction-centric portion of mentor training sessions. The Q&A session of mentor training sessions are not recorded to promote active discussion. Office hours & workshops are also not recorded.


  • Mon Mentor Training - Packed introduction to Bioinformatics, R and the STEM-Away® project & evaluations. Get off to a strong start.
    We also recommend attending the ML Project Setup training. It is a great training for any data science field.

  • Thurs Office Hour - If you are new to Bioinformatics and R, we strongly recommend attending this office hour.

Full Stack

  • Mon Mentor Training - command line, Git , open source software, dev environment setup, STEM-Away® project & evaluations. everything you need to get started.

  • Thurs Office Hour - Need any help with setup, this is your chance. If you can install discourse on your local machine, you are guaranteed a spot in exploration teams!

Machine Learning

  • Wed & Fri Mentor Training - Become work-ready with the Machine Learning Project Setup training. An absolute must to attend for anyone interested in the data sciences.

  • Sat Mentor Training - Introduction to recommender systems. We strongly recommend all applicants new to machine learning to attend this training. Another absolute must!

  • NOTE: The Sat meeting was added late to calendly. Please visit the link again to register for the Sat meeting.


  • Wed Office Hour - Get introduced to both UX and the exciting project planned for this summer. Program logistics will also be covered in this offcie hour, there is no separate info session for UX.

  • Sat Workshop - Get off to a flying start with initial deliverables added to Figma! If you miss this workshop, you will need to complete initial tasks on your own to join the next workshop.

Not sure where to find your project? It is hard to miss if you visit stemaway.com. But here are the direct links as well -