What is the difference in the hiring searches on STEM-Away®?

The main difference is that the search is done on weighted skills. When a candidate enters a technical skill or soft skill, it is assigned a base weight value. The weight associated with a skill is a dynamic value, it gets updated based on the candidate posts tagged with that skill.

We store three different weights.

  • The first weight is directly proportional to the number of posts backing that skill.
  • The second weight is proportional to the number of posts and the corresponding community ratings.
  • The third weight is proportional to the number of posts and the corresponding STEM-Away ratings. STEM-Away® ratings are processed ratings, processing is done with the rating profile of the voters.

One of the biggest challenges in the rapidly growing STEM industry is the imbalance between those who are qualified for jobs and those who are given access to these opportunities. Tech companies tend to have limited relationships with the academic world, targeting students at Tier 1 colleges for internships and entry-level positions. With a limited talent pool of Tier 1 students, the STEM recruitment market becomes extremely competitive, while a large pool of STEM students from Lower Tier colleges are offered very few opportunities.

Featuring a strong suite of recruitment tools, STEM-Away® allows employers to search for candidates by weighted skills, easily view and assess activities supporting skills, generate pre-screening questionnaires and more. Companies can fill their positions and reap the benefits of an inclusive workforce without the burdens associated with exclusive diversity initiatives.

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