A tool for remote usability testing/task analysis

Hello! Hope you are all having fun with the design process.

My guess is that in a week or two, you may want to perform usability testing. I can vouch for this tool called Lookback ( https://lookback.io ), which I used about 6 months ago for my task analysis.

The users need to install this app, following which their screen recording and feed from the front camera are recorded simultaneously. Multiple designers/researchers can view this activity live, and the recordings are available as well.

It has a free trial of 14 days which I hope will suffice for your projects. While this tool does not provide you with heatmaps, I hope it helps you to some extent in your usability testing. As always, consent of the users, and the privacy policy of the data stored on lookback’s servers are things you should be aware of, so do check for those.

If you are aware of any other tools that may help people here, feel free to mention them here.

Thank you very much for this resource @rachit_jain! Our team is currently working on paper prototyping but will hopefully be usability testing before the end of next week so I will definitely check this out

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