Ac7378 - Full Stack Pathway

Self-assessment on June 16 2020

  1. What I have Learned:

    Technical: Javascript (Ember), Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, AWS

    Tools for Technical: Git controls

    Tools for Group Communication: Slack, Asana, Gsuite, Discourse

    Soft skills: Team communication and absorbing ideas from everyone else, learning to communicate my concerns

  2. Three achievement highlights:

    a. Design and construct a basic layout of the website with headers, navigation bar, collapsed sidebar, blocks with rounded corners, icons such as Linkedin, Instagram and etc

    b.Organizing SCRUM meeting times with Vrinda

  3. Meetings and Trainings:

    Regular meeting with team members and team leads

    Git, Ruby, JavaScript (Ember), Discourse training videos

  4. Goals for the upcoming week:

    1.Start tasks assigned to me on Discourse platform plug-ins and AWS

    2.Learn more about AWS and setting up instance and working through a solution with my sub team

    3.Pick up Ruby and Ember

    4.To be more on top of my work and not let other commitments like summer classes and research interfere with my StemAway work

  5. Details of a task:

    Layout task - become familiar with HTML/CSS/JavaScript

    How to short-hand CSS code with Bootstrap and customized css, adjust accordingly to the font-sizes, format, color, padding, borders, margins and etc

    Implement collapsed sidebar and embed event-driven functions outside of HTML file

    Familiarity with icons that are often used on webpages such as Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, etc

    Git task- Clone the repo, create own branch, modify test file, merge the file and push the code