Akim_Borbuev - Machine Learning Pathway

Technical Area:

  • Scrum Workflow
  • Web app development
  • Active learning
  • Used Libraries such as pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, ntlk


  • Miro
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • GitHub
  • Python
  • Streamlit
  • Flask

Soft Skills:

  • Collaboration
  • Time Management

Achievement Highlights

  • Co-developed a webapp for the manual tagging component
  • Proposed Precision, Recall and F1 score as the metrics for model evaluation

Meetings attended

  • All of the Weekly meetings

Goals for the Upcoming Week

  • Integrating the manual tagging component into Annotator

Tasks Done

  • Researched on Active Learning
  • Fixed several issues with the manual tagger such as extracting tags from a messy file, correcting the manual tagger webapp operation, creating a functionality to save the tagged data in a csv file.