Aliwan7 - Machine Learning Pathway

Week: 1

Overview of Things Learned:
• GitHub: how code is shared amongst time members.

  • Learned how to scrape the web using BeautifulSoup and Selenium

  • Technical Area: NLP Models

  • Tools: BeautifulSoup, Selenium, BERT

  • Soft Skills: Remote Collaboration

Achievement Highlights

  • Got articles to be scraped from web-flow.

Meetings attended

• 7/21/20
• 7/28/20
• 7/31/20
• 8/4/20

Goals for the Upcoming Week
Got a brief overview of how the word2vec works from today’s meeting so I will try to implement soon

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Week: 8/ 10/ 2020
Overview of Things Learned: BERT & DistilBert

Meetings Attended: 8/ 14/ 2020

Tasks completed
Implemented model to web scraping data


  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Google Colab

Classified data scraped by categories using BERT model

Goals for the Upcoming Week:

Preprocess web scraped data