APB51 - Bioinformatics Pathway

Concise overview of things learned

Technical: I’ve grasped the basics of R and how to create/read plots.
Tools: Some Python.
Soft skills: I have become better at keeping up with all of the boards and observing what is happening.

Three achievement highlights:

Learned a great deal in R, learned how to look at scientific literature, and got to see how bioinformatics is truly used in the real world.

List of meetings/trainings attended:

Working 60+ hours a week makes making the meetings difficult, so I have yet to attend one. However, I do read up each night and take notes on what has been occurring and observe what everyone is posting.

Goals for upcoming week:

My number one goal for this week is definitely to interact more with my team members and try to make it to a meeting. I would also like to become more proficient in Python through my own research and work.

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Concise overview of things learned:
I have gotten much better at R over the last week. I am now better at reading and analyzing scientific papers, and am also getting much better with my time-management.

Three achievement highlights:

  1. I am better at summarizing scientific data.
  2. I am now better at R than I was before.
  3. I am making better connections.

List of meetings/trainings attended:
I have watched all meetings that have been posted to the site, and am hoping to attend the meeting tomorrow to watch the presentations.

Goals for the upcoming week:
To make more connections on LinkedIn.

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Final Self-Assessment

  • Concise overview of things learned
    Technical Area: I have observed and learned how to analyze a large set of genomic data using R. I have improved my skills in reading data and graphs by observing the projects taking place with the participants.
    Tools: Python, R, and Zoom.
    Soft Skills: The thing that has improved the most is my networking skills, especially on LinkedIn. I do not use it much so I didn’t have too many connections, but now I have a few from StemAway! This helps me to build a better professional network. I am also much better at time-management now, as I had to devote a certain amount of time to observing each participants work.

  • Three Achievement Highlights
    I can better understand R, I can now use data science tools to better understand biology, and I am making better connections.

  • List of meetings/training’s attended
    I have watched and caught up on all of the meetings that have been posted to the site.

  • Goals for the upcoming week(s)
    I will continue to broaden my network, especially on LinkedIn, and will hopefully continue to better my skills.

Inactive, assessed by Lead