Applications for 2024 Virtual-Internships - Placement in STEM-Away Teams

Apply for Virtual-Internships: Placement in STEM-Away Teams

  • Get Oriented: Explore our new platform for this summer. Check out the platform details here and follow the Summer 2024 Calendar for updates.

  • Apply: Application questions are configured as polls and recorded under your username. Finalize your responses by July 4th for the summer start dates. Note: We do not send out emails to applicants. For more frequent updates, join this group.

  • Complete Your MCQ Evaluation: Finish the MCQs by July 4th. This straightforward evaluation checks your understanding of the project details. Access the evaluation at the bottom of each project post in the AI Project Engine. Scores are private and necessary for further evaluations.

  • Progress to the AI Evaluator Stage: Complete the MCQs to qualify for the AI Evaluator stage starting July 5th, and then every subsequent Friday. Notifications will be sent through your STEM-Away account.

Participation in Code-Along Discussions also qualifies you for internships. The AI Evaluator is mandatory for direct Skill Certifications.

  • Team Formation: We will try to accommodate your preferences as much as possible when forming teams. For solo work or to join with your own team, please apply here.

  • Communication Protocol: We no longer respond to direct messages. For queries, please reply to this post or post on this channel. Your feedback is invaluable, and generous tack rewards will be granted for suggestions that help improve our processes.

Project Role

Lead positions are awarded based on performance in evaluations and consideration of your STEM Level. If you do not qualify for a lead position, you will be automatically considered for a participant role.

  • Project Lead Position: Oversee the project’s overall execution and progress.
  • Technical Lead Position: Focus on the technical challenges and solutions within the project.
  • Project Management Lead Position: Manage timelines, resources, and team communications.
  • Participant Position: Collaborate with team on project deliverables.
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Project Start Date

Select any dates that work for you.

  • July 22nd
  • Aug 5th
  • November/ December (exact dates to be released later)
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Project Duration (Teamwork Phase)

Select all that work for you. Note that for academic credit, your institution may require a minimum duration. The pre-internship training period counts as 4 weeks. Total duration listed on your certificate will include these 4 weeks plus the options selected here.

  • 2 weeks
  • 3 weeks
  • 4 weeks
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Skill-Builder Project Selection

Select the Skill-Builder Project you are most interested in expanding for your Virtual-Internship. Please note that both tracks require a robust theoretical foundation, which participants must have beforehand or acquire during the program. Click on link to see project details.

Note I: Additional projects may be added based on community voting. You are encouraged to revise your selection as needed, up until July 4th.

Note II: The scope of each Skill-Builder Project will be expanded and/or modified during the Virtual-Internship, based on team preferences and under mentor guidance.

Skill-Builder Expansion

Select up to 4 methods to elevate your skill-builder project for enhanced portfolio impact.

  • Integrate Advanced APIs
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Utilize GitHub Copilot or Equivalent
  • Implement AI Optimization
  • Product Development
  • Open Source Contributions
  • Publication Efforts
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Remember to submit your applications for summer slots by July 4th !


Hi, we have received your project choice! All applicants will receive weekly updates starting June 3rd.

Hi, I just wanted to clarify that on July 5th, we will recieve an email about being assigned to a project. I also was wondering if there would be an interview process or additional application questions in order to be selected for a project. Thank you!

Hi Amelia,

You need to pass the evaluation for the project you selected. This is the only mandatory step. If you do not pass the evaluation, you can still work solo or form your own teams. However, to ensure fairness for other members in STEM-Away teams, passing the evaluation is required.

If you need help with evaluations, you can join the STEM-Away Mentorship help.

Gotcha ok! Where can we find the evaluations, or have they not been released yet?

The first part of the evaluations (MCQ) have been released, they can be found with each project post.

Hi, can you please let me know if the emails for F-IE-1 - Text Classification using NLP were already sent out. I didn’t receive anything

Please check your inbox on the platform for updates. We will send one direct update to member emails this week to make sure everyone is following along, but we generally do not use direct emails.

Dear, I completed the evaluation for the Advanced NLP project but didn’t receive any email if I passed it or not. Can you please advise on the passing score, and should I receive an email or not?

Hello @ayahashim16

The passing score for the project is 8. Feel free to try as many times as you need! You can check out your current score both below the attempted project and in your t3 dashboard.

We do have this information available in posts. But based on your query (and multiple other private messages received)—we’ve realized how crucial it is to have this information readily accessible. As a result, we’re updating the evaluation button to offer clearer insights on the passing grade and the next steps.

This is our first summer using AI automations, thanks for your patience! Plus, your feedback helps us make everything better — so we’re adding some extra tacks to your account as a thank-you!

Keep the questions coming, and thanks for helping us improve!

To all STEM-Away members: please share your queries on the platform so that everyone can benefit from the answers!

Hi @ARUUKE_BAYAKMATOVA, hope you are all set now! We are improving our messaging based on queries received. Thanks for your query!

Thanks for adding tacks to my account, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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