Applications for 2024 Virtual-Internships - Solo or Your Own Custom Team (Enhanced Flexibility)

Apply for Virtual-Internships: Solo or Your Own Custom Team

  • Tailor Your Experience : This option allows you to choose almost all details, including teammates. For a more structured experience or to be placed in teams, please apply for Placement in STEM-Away Teams.

  • Application Process: Whether applying solo or as a team, only one application is needed. For team applications, one member should submit on behalf of the group, and additional details about team members will be collected later. Program updates will be reflected in the Summer 2024 Calendar.

The application form questions are structured as polls, allowing your choices to be recorded under your username. You can update your selection at any time up until July 4th.

  • Select Your Project: Choose a skill-builder project by July 4th to ensure inclusion in mentor session invitations and that your final presentation is verified in time for the STEM-Away career fairs at the end of August.

  • Evaluation Process: See Details Here: Summer 2024 Now Open.

  • Option without Evaluation: Upload your final presentation to the forum upon completion. Note: This path does not qualify for verified certification or mentoring sessions.

  • Mentoring Schedule Adherence: If participating in mentoring sessions, align your project timeline with the schedules of STEM-Away teams working in related areas.

Skill-Builder Project Selection

Select the Skill-Builder Project you are most interested in expanding for your Virtual-Internship. Please note that both tracks require a robust theoretical foundation, which participants must have beforehand or acquire during the program. Click on link to see project details.

Note I: Additional projects may be added based on community voting. You are encouraged to revise your selection as needed, up until July 4th.

Note II: The scope of each Skill-Builder Project will be expanded and/or modified during the Virtual-Internship, based on team preferences and under mentor guidance.

Team Member Count Poll

How many members are in your team, including yourself?

  • 1 (Solo)
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5+
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Don’t forget to submit your project choice by July 4th! Whether you engage in the evaluation for extra benefits or prefer to proceed independently, we support your endeavor and look forward to your innovative contributions!


How do I know that I have successfully submitted my internship application

Hello Sanzida, Your choice has been registered. The Biomedical Knowledge Graph project is an exciting one! We will start sending out schedules and other updates starting June.

Hello, is this form the application?

  • Samyat Gautam

Yes, this is the application for solo/ own teams.

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Hi! I’ve completed the MCQ and passed but I’m unsure of the next steps? If you could kindly let me know what is next in order to proceed with the virtual internship that’d be great, thanks!

Hello, can you check out the revised application post Applications for 2024 Virtual-Internships - Placement in STEM-Away Teams to see if the instructions are adequate? Thanks!!

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