Avanda76 - Full Stack Pathway

1. An Overview of Things Learned

Technical Area:

  • HTML: I built upon my existing knowledge of HTML
  • CSS: I Learnt the basics and more tools from CSS
  • Ruby: I learnt the syntax and watched the tutorial videos on Ruby from the industry mentors.
  • Bootstrap: I learned how to use the front end frame work more extensively.


  • I learnt how to use the Google Suite Software more extensively, specifically google chat
  • I learnt more of the slack application for more teamwork communication.
  • I used Asana to help me keep my tasks in check.

Soft Skills:

  • Time Management is big because I am also on another team as well.
  • Adapting to the virtual environment
  • Meeting new team members.

2. Three Achievement Highlights

  • Partial Completion of the Webpage task
  • Watching the Industry tutorials and implementing them on the Ruby task
  • Installing discourse after a long time

3. Meeting/training Attendance

  • Week 1: No Meetings, was not added to team.
  • Week 2: Attended the Scrum meeting, added to team in second week
  • Week 3: Discourse Demo Meeting (Watched the Recording)

4. Goals For this Week

  • To finish up the web layout task and get psql working on my machine
  • Complete tasks that are pending and meet with my team for AWS.

5. Details of Tasks done and Hurdles Faced

The Ruby Task:

  • Made functions, loops, and other basic syntax
  • Intro to ruby type of assignment
  • Tasks were laid out well

Hurdles Faced:

*I was confused on how to code in Ruby on my machine, so I referred to more internet resources and also made sure that my code environment for ruby was set up too


  • Reference to the industry mentor tutorial and more resources on google to help me get started to complete my task.

Discourse Setup:

  • Set up the environment on my computer
  • Installing a lot of packages
  • Read a lot of documentation to install it

Hurdles Faced:

  • Some of the packages never installed properly, so I had to reinstall them and proceed with the next instructions. Some instructions took a long time for executing as there needed to be a lot of ruby files installed on my machine.


  • Reference to stem away website for help and more online resources to help install discourse on my machine.