Avanda76 - UX & UI Pathway

@jrs3112 @ddas

Dear Everyone,

I attended a good chunk of the meetings and I have enjoyed my experience. I got to explore a new career path in UX/UI and I want to continue this field. I watched more youtube videos and LinkedIn Learning videos to understand certain topics as well.
Things learned/ Tasks done:

  • UX Research design topics by making Empathy map, Stakeholder map and personas to help us construct how users feel about the product and how to enhance it
  • We have conducted interviews for vital information about the platform
  • UX taught me to be a better team player and a good way to see how well you perform as UX is really team based
    *UX Design fascinated me

Achievements Highlights:

  • Inclined to be a designer in the future
  • UX Research is what im in favor of doing as a career
  • Inclined towards meeting people from around the world, its a great experience
    Goals for upcoming week

Collaborated with Team 1 to learn low fidelity prototyping on Figma and Balsamiq basics as well
Create Low Fidelity prototype designs for the landing page, user dashboard and communication channel to provide an enchanced website experience
I hope we learn more prototype techniques.

Aditya Vandanapu