Azufar - Machine Learning Pathway

Things Learned

I have learned how to use BeautifulSoup, Selenium, and Scrapy as tools to extracting data from a website. While doing so, I also improved my Python skills because those tools require me to use Python. As for the soft skills, I learned how to communicate efficiently with my teammates because in order for the meetings to be effective, I need to clearly explain my progress on the weekly goals to my teammates.


  • I applied what I learned from BeautifulSoup, Selenium, and Scrapy tutorials and successfully extracted data from the atom forum.
  • I learned about BERT
  • I did some readings on NLP from the given resources


I have attended all of the meetings and trainings so far except one meeting on the second week where the team leads started assigning things to do and the meeting last Saturday.

Goals for next week

For next week, I will go through the NLP resources that are provided in the Notion page and learn about them. Hopefully I can apply what I learn by the end of the week.